Wednesday, September 2, 2020

200,000 reasons why Cuomo is a now a big Islanders fan

Field of Schemes

As I’ve often pointed out in this space, political corruption is seldom as simple as a quid pro quo, where a politician backs a favored project solely in exchange for campaign donations. There are other factors at work — wanting to have big shiny projects they can use to show they’re allegedly creating jobs, wanting to please “growth coalitions” of business leaders who band together behind development deals, wanting the damn lobbyists to finally go away — that are equally if not more effective than outright bribes.
That said, handing over stacks of twenties is a time-honored way to at least say thank you for services rendered. And according to campaign finance records compiled by Newsday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo collected more than $200,000 worth of small bills in recent weeks in the wake of his support of the New York Islanders‘ new arena at Belmont Park:

Cuomo received $50,000 from Scott Malkin, and another $50,000 from Jon Ledecky, with both contributions listed as occurring on July 10, according to state campaign finance records. Ledecky and Malkin are the co-owners of the New York Islanders, who are in the midst of building themselves a new arena at Belmont. Belmont is state-owned land – and the project’s approval came after strong support from Cuomo.
Adding to the Belmont sundae just a few days later, an entity referred to in campaign finance data as Sterling Mets LP provided another $50,000 to Cuomo’s political coffers. Sterling Project Development, the real estate arm of Sterling Equities, the owner of the New York Mets, is partnering with the Islanders on the Belmont effort.
The cherry on top came from Oak View Group – another partner in the Belmont effort. Oak View itself contributed $5,000 on July 8. But Oak View chief executive Timothy Leiweke gave Cuomo $50,000 on July 8, and another $3,000 on July 14.
Is $203,000 in donations a lot? Cuomo’s relection campaign committee raked in just over $2 mllion in the last six months, so the Islanders developers’ cash amounted to about 10% of his total take, which is significant if not overwhelming. Though Cuomo has long relied heavily on donations from big developers and other donors with business before the state, so you can certainly argue that the promise of campaign cash is what got the Belmont arena team a seat at the table, even if it didn’t buy them the entire table. 

Islanders lost in OT


M. How said...

What can you say? Even though Mario contributed to many, many elderly patients deaths' in nursing and assisted living homes, AND had the COHONES to block any investigation into his contribution to the deaths of so many loved ones, crooks always manage to get money from those who want something from the State.

In this case, the State has land that these sports hogs want and Cuomo, with the large cohones, granted them their wish and they gave him greenbacks for the favor.

And it won't stop there. How much will NYS finance them with deferred taxing and other perks? Those are State Security Secrets and the public is not entitled to that information. But you can bet your last dollar we will be assessed for this sports stadium that most of us cannot afford to attend through our property taxes. Ain't life grand!

Anonymous said...

What a creep!

Anonymous said...

Wow this Cuomo has about as much credibility as groper bro Fredo.

Anonymous said...

So, what did EVERYONE in the rank and file EXPECT from a criminal enterprise that is SOOOO exalted, that this terminal shithead-government impostor is allowed to name a bridge after his dynastic family of low life, low level, low IQ thugs - and, the public retreats into silence???

Also, who else can rack up $13 Billion in state debt and not be impeached, much less censored for these flagrant abuses of power - the SAME power abuses that Sonny CUOMIGULA ironically derides President TRUMP about, when I would, in fact, take the SAME action against New York State that TRUMP just recently proposed: Anything to kill off and obliterate the DemonRat scourges that, for more than a century raped, ravaged, tonsured and totally desecrated the once Great State of New York. The only way to depopulate the DNC (Does Not Care - about democracy) is to DEFUND their private DNC corporation (they went to court to SO ORDER themselves to be privately owned and operated).

ALAS, voting doesn't work when presidents have ALWAYS been SELECTED - not ELECTED, but any symbolic vote for a DemonRat is a vote for rampant crime, openly practiced, never-ending graft, greed and corruption that officially makes the crimes of Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall a century ago, look like a kind dress rehearsal!

Face it, possums: The ancient, Babylonian 'Empire-Rackets' that held New York State in a perpetual stranglehold have finally collapsed from the crushing, systemic graft and greed from up above in the corrosive corridors of 'Sonny's Personal Haunted Ski Lodge' in Albany (more commonly known as the state capital).

If THIS doesn't demand impeachment followed by a Grand Jury Indictment (followed by a successful prosecution that fixes the punishment at long term incarceration), then we have no chance at survival in this already raped-and-ravaged, politically entrenched state of crimes against humanity that will never be livable by any and ALL living things - except, the indestructible cockroaches, CUOMIGULA - and, CHER!

New York State government undre the DYNASTIC CUOMIGULA FAMILY OF ORGANIZED GOVERNMENT (OPENLHY PRACTICED) CRIME MAKES HELL LOOK LIKE HEAVEN. That's why I correctly refer to these intentionally exalted sociopath/psychopath, empowered idiots of anarchy as: 'CRIMES WITHOUT CRIMINALS!'

Learn to disobey immoral orders, or else you will only end up reinforcing government tyranny and oppression.

Anonymous said...

CUOMIGULA must go to Jail !

Anonymous said...

Cuomo should be tried, not only for his threats ,but also for the 11,000 senior citizens he sent to their deaths.