Saturday, September 12, 2020

Board Of Education's Covid-19 protection supplies for schools won't do quat














 NY Post

It’s PPE to die for.

The city Department of Education is supplying schools with defective thermometers, “low quality” masks, and smelly wipes, a disgusted Queens principal told The Post.

“The s—t they gave us won’t protect us — not the students, teachers or parents,” fumed the educator. “Every principal in NYC is banging their head against the wall.”

“The “cheap, black-market crap” includes touchless, electronic thermometers that registered temperatures at 40, 50 and 60 degrees.

“You’d be dead,” she said. “We keep taking each other’s temperatures like we’re clowns.”

The school leader, who asked for anonymity to avoid repercussions, said the two dozen thermometers sent to her school had no batteries, so she ran to the store and spent nearly $300 of her own money to power them up. They were better left uncharged.

“Why are they spending millions on black-market thermometers with no name brand?” the principal asked, adding that the directions are printed in Chinese. “These are supposed to keep us safe?”

“I really believe this is black-market items from China bought in bulk — hundreds of handheld thermometers we’ll be throwing in the garbage,” the heated supervisor said.

After recognizing the handheld thermometers were faulty, she said, the DOE installed electric thermometers on the walls in the lobby to check students upon arrival.

She is also disgusted by the DOE’s disinfectant wipes.

“They don’t have the high level of alcohol that’s supposed to protect our hands from bacteria.

“I wouldn’t wipe my ass with it,” she said.


Anonymous said...

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georgetheatheist said...

Principal wouldn't even wipe her "ass with it"? Try wiping your ass with a high alcohol wipe - yeowwwww!

Reyx77 said...

Yet the city had enough money to paint “Black Lives Matter” in the street and pay police to protect it.... if only we still had some of the billion that Francine stole from Operation Thrive... we’d be able to get thermometers that weren’t bought from Alibaba for 50 cents each....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they do not know to set the thermometers for Fahrenheit ????

Anonymous said...

I Googled information they said the first day of school in New York City is September 16th so these virus incidents that the staff of being infected while being brought in by your own people the faculty. They're bringing it in from their own filthy lifestyle so their own careless lifestyle said they've been out of work for the past six months the Lord knows where they've been and what they've been coming in contact but all the articles are giving the wrong impression that it's already in the schools or it's being brought in by students and workers parents not the case how could it be if the first day of school hasn't started and the only ones that are in prepping for the opening of school is the teachers secondly I find it hard to believe that any teacher would go out and spend $300 on batteries to work these faulty thermometers. And another thing most of these complaints are probably from teachers and staff that the stuff they're being sent is Black Market useless material because the equipment that is being sent to them the wipes and the thermometer should set receptra that they can't cop a few and bring a few home the old-fashioned way Tilford we all know what happens teaches pilferage things all the time from the city school system who's kidding who.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, yet another example of Carranza's stellar leadership

Ned said...

All these communist Department of Education people and teachers should have been getting ready instead of organizing BLM & ANFTA protests all summer.
F_cking terrorists out to destroy the country and impose socialism & redistribution.
They also want the voting age reduced for the 16 year olds they brainwashed.

Interesting fact when I saw teachers at local protests they weren't wearing masks or obeying any distancing rules. Only BLM & LBGT banner's, shirts and pastel chalks to markup the sidewalks. Filthy communist pigs.
Why are they bitching now?

Possible Answer: Perhaps they like there ne self appointed positions as terrorist organizers and want to continue getting paid without going back to work as DOE administrators & teachers ?


Anonymous said...

“She is also disgusted by the DOE’s disinfectant wipes. "They don’t have the high level of alcohol that’s supposed to protect our hands from bacteria.""

First of all, COVID is NOT a bacterial disease. It's a virus, and fortunately, it's relatively easy to kill on surfaces with soapy water, alcohol (62% or higher), and other disinfectants.

RMC Quat Plus TB is a well known industrial strength disinfectant that's meant to be used on hard non-porous surfaces only (bath fixtures, doorknobs, desks, chairs, benches, gym equipment, keyboards, computer mice, etc).

It's NOT meant to be used on your hands. That's what liquid hand sanitizer containing at least 62% ethyl alcohol is for.

The active ingredient in RMC Quat Plus TB is in a class of chemicals called quaternary ammonium compounds; hence the word, Quat in the name. It's not an alcohol based disinfectant, and it's very effective against bacteria including TB, viruses, mildew, and pathogenic fungi (like athlete's foot).

This is all clearly stated on the label. I've used this product before in a clinical setting long before COVID. This principal should seek guidance from her school nurse or custodial staff. They'll know how to use this stuff correctly.

Anonymous said...

This is false. Teachers and principals do not want to go to work. They have always been the laziest of civil service workers who never have to show any improvement or results.

Anonymous said...

These buildings have been occupied with essential workers while the teachers safely sat home making six figures, teaching non existent zoom classes, vacationing, partying on the shore and rioting.
No city employee is coming out of pocket $300 for work supplies. That is a bold faced lie. I guess teachers are more important than emergency personnel, MTA personnel, and the REAL heroes- supermarket employees.

JQ LLC said...

@Anon re: Quat

It's quite possible that they got that by mistake instead of regular hand sanitizer wipes. I don't know if it's cheaper, but everything about this reeks of cutting corners and hoarding cash, Carannza's entourage has to be paid somehow.

Seeing a lot of vitriolic skepticism in some viewpoints here. I should have updated this with a new article showing 22 faculty members from 20 schools recently got infected.

Anonymous said...

Moe said...
Charter Schools and Vouchers my Kids my choice !

Anonymous said...

Look what a good job they do Indoctrinating and brainwashing our children.
Sky is the limmit spend, spend, spend, spend our Tax Money !
FYI Parents/tax payers “education” starts in the home.

Anonymous said...

Hey JQ LLC, IDK how 22 teachers got infected their first day in the building. All of the schools have been occupied by custodial staff, school safety and cafeteria staff distributing food to homeless, junkies and the elderly. These teachers came to work infected due to all their free time from not having real ADULT jobs. Stop partying and rioting teachers, you won’t catch covid. If you held real jobs, you’d be healthier.

JQ LLC said...

@Anon IDK

That's a good point, it does take time for the virus to work on the body but testing is available everywhere now, pretty sure the faculty is tested daily. But the buildings still aren't safe and outdoor learning isn't going to last with the temps going down in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Defund the UFT !

Anonymous said...

They buy them from China because Americans no longer know how to make anything. Somebody should protest, demonstrate and riot about this injustice. That's something they know how to teach in our schools.

Anonymous said...

@They buy them from China because Americans no longer know how to make anything.

That's because the CEO-s and shareholders demand constant profit flow.
Unrealistically high profit flows.
So they can enjoy their lives better.

China didn't decide to outsource manufacturing to them. They paid the corrupt politicians enough money so they turned a blind eye to the outsourcing corruption.

So the same kids that have very slim chances to a good stable future walk around with their $1000 iPhones, not knowing how the system threw them overboard years ago.
No education, no jobs, nothing.
But hey Facebook, Twitter is more important anyway!