Monday, June 8, 2015

Pesky bike racks interfere with bar plans

From LIC Post:

It’s back to the drawing board for Station LIC, a bar/restaurant that opened at 1037 Jackson Ave. last November.

Community Board 2 rejected its sidewalk seating application that sought 16 tables and 32 seats. It told co-owner Gregory Okshteyn to come up with a new plan.

The problem arose when the board discovered that there were bicycle racks outside the establishment that had been placed there by the city. The plan that had been filed by Station LIC made no mention of the racks.

The board—following Department of Consumer Affairs’ rules—said that the bicycle racks would block a clear pathway for pedestrians should there be outdoor seating. It said that pedestrians need at least 8 feet of clear space.

Furthermore, the DCA requires that there is a clear path of at least 8 feet from bicycle racks.

Okshetyn assured the board that he would revise the plan quickly.

Can't help but think "first world problems" when I read this.


Anonymous said...

Put the bike racks in the street at the corner spot. You don't want tall cars to park there because it blocks sightlines too much, but you don't want nothing because then cars turn too tight. That's where bike racks should be, not the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...


JQ said...

A lot of bike racks in the city have become cluster piles. Many of them with bikes that have been there for months with damaged wheels and missing parts and especially by all those restaurants with the seamless app bikers. These racks, which is supposedly to encourage people to save carbon and ride have become mini-junkyards. Conflate this with the overpopulation of this city and now you got a problem comparable to people who commute by car when it comes to parking.

As for the people who run this, yet another restaurant passing as a niteclub that somehow can afford the obese rents to run a business, they get no and deserve no sympathy. It seems these types of establishments are the only ones who can thrive. Since no one needs to go out by themselves and buy clothes, shoes, and tools in a store anymore. R.I.P. mom and pop's. Keep scrolling and consume on your phones chumps...

Anonymous said...

but our counselman Jimmy loves this -- he is all for LIC -- some piece of work for sure

Anonymous said...

Yet another good idea causing unneeded problems due to excess regulations with no exceptions allowed.