Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Little Bay Park's parking lot expanded

From the Queens Courier:

The parking lot at Little Bay Park in Whitestone can fit nearly 100 more vehicles after being expanded as part of a $6.659 million reconstruction project of the park’s amenities.

Public officials and Parks Department representatives were on hand to celebrate the ribbon cutting of the park, and classic cars were on display as part of the event. The new parking lot was expanded to include 224 spaces, 99 more than were previously there.

Green infrastructure was also added for increased stormwater management.

Twenty-nine new retention tanks will capture and manage all of the site’s stormwater runoff, eventually releasing it back into the ground to minimize any strain on the city’s stormwater sewage system. Bioswales, or raised beds of soil and plants meant to capture and filter rainwater into the ground, were also installed above the retention tanks and planted with perennials, grasses, trees and shrubs.

The project was funded through $3.65 million allocated by the mayor, $720,000 from the City Council and $2.016 million in federal grants. Although work on the comfort station was delayed due to bad weather, construction is now underway and scheduled for completion this fall.


Anonymous said...

Alright good news the parking lot is done.
Why can a bathroom take so long to complete ?
The Empire State building went up faster...

Anonymous said...

The money for the bathroom was secured in 2004 and they now say it will be open in late 2015. Wanna bet??
In the mean time patrons are peeing and pooping in the bushes.

Only in Queens.

Anonymous said...

Let,s go fishing off the stone pier.
With all that Mercury contamination in the bay, what's a little organic effluent going to do any more harm?
Of course, all the disposed of condoms that the love makers discard, take longer to break down.
"Don't touch those Billy. They are not Calamari rings".

Anonymous said...

Ok. So, let me get this right; it took about 2 years to rebuild an asphalt parking lot? That's pretty funny!

I wonder how long it will take to repair the bike path on the south side of ? 223 Street along the Bayside Marina. Some of this damage was caused by Sandy.

Anonymous said...

Bye Bye Dog Run

Anonymous said...

...it took about 2 years to rebuild an asphalt parking lot? That's pretty funny!"

Here is the deal. A bunch of paving and construction companies got together in some non-descript pizza parlor and looked at a bunch of jobs the city was putting out to bid. They decided which of their boys would get what jobs and what the price would be for each piece of work.

The bids then went in and the city had to evaluate which bids were good and which bad and which company had the ability to get the work done in a reasonable amount of time without going too much over the bid price.

Then the important part...the insiders had to make sure a couple of the companies were owned by women, Hispanics, Afro-Americans and Asians and which of these companies contributed enough cash to the local democrat politicians. Then they had to make sure the companies got their insurance from the right brokers and financed their business through the right financial institutions.

All of this takes a lot of time because lump sums of bribes have to be hidden in the right way so no one goes to jail.


Anonymous said...

Yes I do !

Anonymous said...

the 42 avenue /201-205 street Aub/Bayside community has been waiting 30 years to install new higher curbs at the center divider malls ?they have been destroyed mostly by the P.S.130Q bus terminal, and csd 26 bus exiling of local resident property owners tax payer, pupils one mile away to P.S.159/P.S.31 ,for 32 years. they all used to walk ,at NO COST to the TAXPAYER, before 1981.Spec. Educ. now services 7 "pupils" per room ,instead of 24 pupils per room ,a normal classroom.

the cost for spec. ed. services are $65,000-90,000 per/year for one "pupil".
the cost for one ,regular pupil is $20,000. per year . the prop. tax payer pays 90% of this cost.

one private school (parochial ) pupil cost $5000. per year

Anonymous said...

Anon no. 8: And your point being?

Anonymous said...

the SOCIAL ENGINEERS have destroyed the nyc education system, the infrastructure of our communities, while wasteing our property tax $$$$ .the NYC DOE executes planning as if they were a "SHADOW GOV.


Anonymous said...

Anon No. 9: NO!!! Explain what that has to do with the expansion of the parking lot and the construction of restrooms at Little Bay Park.