Friday, March 7, 2014

Vallone won't make decision on sidewalk cafe

From the Daily News:

Whitestone residents are hoping to block a popular Italian restaurant from opening what would be the area’s very first sidewalk cafe along a bustling commercial thoroughfare.
Nonna’s Pizzeria and Trattoria gained city approvals for outside tables this year, but the City Council still needs to give it final approval this month.

“The other stores thought they would lose customers because of parking,” said Kim Cody of the Greater Whitestone Taxpayers Association. “It didn’t seem like enlarging the restaurant was good for everybody concerned.”

The eatery, which offers pizza, pasta and Italian fare, wants to build an enclosed dining area with sliding doors on 154th St. near 24th Ave., just off Willets Point Blvd.
State Sen. Tony Avella said Council members should listen to Community Board 7 and neighbors who are concerned about traffic and noise. He called 154th St. “a small block of five mom-and-pop stores surrounded by one-family homes.”

City Councilman Paul Vallone, whose district includes the restaurant, has asked his Council colleagues to review the application. A spokesman said he is holding off on making a final decision, since the owners could amend the plan.

Sounds like he's in favor of it. Because his family being so involved in politics means that Paulie sure understands that the way it works is that you hint that you're going to ask the council to oppose it, and that forces the business to amend the plan.

Mr. Vallone also curiously voted with Republicans against sick people last week, in opposition to the rest of his party and the Queens Machine, whose endorsement he gleefully accepted. Is he trying to be the new "maverick?"


Anonymous said...

Just what I want to do, eat outside while a person is bringing their sick shitting and puking dog to the nearby vet leaving their car double parked on 154th. I could then enjoy the fumes and beeping horns while consuming a very blah meal.

J said...

this el fresco trend is getting out of hand,this is whitestone not beverly hills.

its that high end fantasy living.just go to a diner people,because this place is going to look more like a resort bar than a place to eat food in peace.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we have nice outdoor places like the city?

That's not a super congested corner.

It would be great if they cordoned it off with rolling wooden planters.

What does "This is Whitestone" mean? The people aren't classy enough for decent-looking restaurant and stores? They don't deserve it?

So - Manhattan, Brooklyn, Nassau County and Westchester can have nice places but not Whitestone?

That attitude is why Whitestone Village is so run-down and useless. Why doesn't it look more like Austin St.(yes - I know that Austin St. is not perfect)? There's certainly enough money in the area.

Where is Bareburger? Where is Trader Joe's? There's so much money and nowhere good to spend it - just the white bread and orange soda stores and sorry-ass sports bars.

Queens Crapper said...

I've been to several nice restaurants in Whitestone. You haven't been looking very hard.

Anonymous said...

There are some fine places to dine in Whitestone. However, this location just doesn't make it
for outdoor or semi-outdoor consumption. It's quite busy with the double parked car drivers going into the superette, the Chinese take out and the corner smoke/lotto shop. Plus the sidewalks aren't large enough to be expanded into and it seems the neighbors are against it.

BTW, at least the mafia social club that was located next door has left the area.

Joe said...

No need to worry citizens. They can't fill a quarter of the inside seats ona Friday or sat night. Won't last long. Previous owners sold recently after dumping a HUGE sum on the build out.

Joe said...

Vallone did not vote against sick people !

I'm no fan of him but this time he did the right thing. Vallone had the balls to vote AGAINST an illegal nanny government mandate to include grandchildren, grandparents and siblings whose illnesses would constitute valid excuses for and employee calling in sick and getting paid for it.
The small business owners are already paying for enough social shit this wide mandate could wipe them out !! These new 3rd world 'south the border" people have HUGE HUGE family's with multiple, fathers, siblings & 1/2 siblings, grandparents and extended family with the same names and assorted 3rd world illnesses and perpetual pregnancy somewhere.
ITS NOT FAIR and may as well be an automatic free 5 days pay for all.

Whats wrong with a guy and a girl having pizza and a bottle of wine sitting outside on a warm summer night ?
This is what NYC was always about. I remember Italian cafe's and houses on Knickerbocker ave in the 60's had tables outside (and in the yards).
The folks that own that Cafe are good people people, the jealous rats need to get off there case !

Anonymous said...

He had the balls to vote against something that was going to pass with an overwhelming vote? That's not balls, that's kissing the ass of your masters that donate to you.

What's wrong with guys and girls sitting outside drinking? Ask the people in Astoria.

Joe said...

""Ask the people in Astoria""

What people in Astoria ? All I see is asshole transplant trustfunders & immigrants now a days. As in Freaks !!

In Whitestone them Irish hate Italians & cars that's the problem.
Those people think they own the whole dam block for all the little Aiden's & Johnny boys to play ball, ride bikes & skateboards up and down without helmets or any supervision.
--to many little Paddys compounded by crummy parenting is a bigger problem around that place.
Same shit in Montauk, West Long Beach and Breezy Point with that same group of individuals.
It seems the Irish can opens bars, day care and do whatever the F_ they want in those places (yet god forbid anyone else)--Whitestone included.

Anonymous said...

this is what I mean

Anonymous said...

Irish are the problem? I don't think so. The riff raff attracted by the outdoor cafés is the problem. Let's sit out on the sidewalk, get drunk and loud, smoke, and then continue as we stumble toward our cars. No thanks.

Peter May said...

However with that being said if Vallone wants to do real good for the community, he should get rid of his useless political aide Michael Yon.

All Michael Yon knows is blowing people off. He has no regard for community concerns. If Vallone wants to show he's good, he should get rid of that putz head.

Anonymous said...

The owners of Nonna's are from St. Mel's where Vallone's kids used to attend.