Monday, December 2, 2013

Klein Farm stripped of trees

Here is what the Klein Farm property in Fresh Meadows looked like last summer. Notice the trees next to both driveways:

The DOB listing for the Klein Farm clearly states that it is in a special planned community preservation district.

In such a district, the following applies:

Here's what the farm looks like now:

DOB was notified when the tree-cutting was happening, but they didn't see a problem.

I guess this falling-down gate is also acceptable.

What a joke. The Huangs strike again!


georgetheatheist said...

Relax, Crapper. A new broom sweeps clean. Melinda Katz will take care of all of this.

Joe Moretti said...

DOB is such a waste.

What is next for this place, replace the grass with cement.

Are there any leaders other than Senator Avella willing to just stand up for what is right and say enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Good work, Crappy!! The DOB inspector was a blind man again. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I thought inspectors were given cameras.

Would someone now issue at least one ECB violation at least?

Anonymous said...

Next, housing.

So lets take up sidewalks for green things like trees and encourage people to ride bikes in the winter so that this damage to the carbon footprint is offset.

We are simply freeing owners of private property the constraints from development - and the negative impact that it has on the carbon footprint - and transferring it to public space and public lifestyles.

Anonymous said...

Omgg this is terrible. Never heard of this place but before it looked beautiful now its just sad looking. What is to come of this place??? DOB is useless and so are the people they hire to work there. Northeast Queens should seperate from NYC before it looks like the rest of what this shithole city has come to.

Anonymous said...

Joanna Fan, who runs the nursery school there, is a total and complete crook. I used to deal with her and the stories her employees told me about her wealth and tactics were galling.

Anonymous said...

Joanna Fan and her husband:

Ziming SHEN and Xiaoping Fan, Plaintiffs,
JAPAN AIRLINES and Japan Immigration Bureau, Defendants.
United States District Court, S.D. New York.
April 12, 1994.
Order denying Motion to Amend May 23, 1994.

Anonymous said...

Quite the history these two have!!

A charge of bribery in 2001

Can anyone find the reference on line to their penalty for cutting trees on a property on Staten Island?

Anonymous said...

225 Howard Avenue, Staten Island

16 trees removed ...