Sunday, September 2, 2012

Who is responsible for a community driveway?

From the Queens Courier:

An infuriated Whitestone couple has a bone to pick with the city after they were pinned for violations on 70 square feet of sidewalk outside their property line.

The city’s Department of Transportation (DOT) told Judith and Everett Smith this June to fix two broken and improperly sloped concrete slabs of sidewalk, according to a notice of violation issued by the agency. But the furious pair said the defective squares are not their legal responsibility — pointing to their deed as proof — and instead are connected to an adjacent community driveway, jointly owned by the 22 homeowners on the street.

The 14-foot driveway — or “right of way,” as described in the couple’s mortgage — leads up to a parking area filled with 22 separate garages and belongs to each of the homeowners along 147-23 Willets Point Boulevard.

But since the Smiths’ home is planted directly next to the easement — located in the middle of the residential street — the charge for repairs and role of the lot’s sole caretaker involuntarily came barreling down on the embattled landowners.


Gary the Agnostic said...

And how many other driveways like this are in Queens (to say nothing of the other boroughs?). This could be a big issue.

Anonymous said...

It is a big issue, and as usual, DOB doesn't care. I know from experience in trying to get a common driveway/ common retaining wall repaired. People suck and a few pay for the repairs for the many. DOB doesn't care.

Anonymous said...

How much could that repair cost a couple of hundred dived by 22.......why not just add it to the next property tax bill, let them all pay that way....

Joe said...

Are these people kidding ?
Out of 22 people not one can buy a 1/2 bag of Sakerite, color tint, water and operate a hand trowel ?
That break is a 30 minute repair including the mixing $12-15 dollars in materials
30 years ? These people should know by now the city isn't going to do shit "its only Queens" You have to help yourself.
What BS, I did a 30 foot flagstone walkway yesterday all by myself. 9 hours in the 90 degree heat, 22 people cant there shit together to fix 2 cracks ?
BTW: Those cracks on those slabs look like falling tree limb or heavy equipment damage

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a new law needs to be drafted.

Anonymous said...

Assuming that there's no damage underneath the sidewalk, Joe. If there is, it's just going to cave in again.

Joe said...

If there is damage or excavated dirt you fill it in. That's part of the repair.
Its no big deal whats wrong with people waiting for a small problem like this to get on the citys radar ?
Now the city may demand the whole 800+ pound slab be removed and re-pored and you will pay thorough the nose to get a cement delivery (mobbed up).
Doesn't anybody know how to do things anymore ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe a whole slab should be poured to keep this from happening again. It might just be that they did what you think they should do before, and that's why this problem exists now. If you're going to do something, do it right and get it over with.