Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stopping unwanted solicitors


Anonymous said...

Efforts to stop door to door failed in the past - think the Jehovah Witnesses and the like.

You don't see this in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

It seems to be an ongoing problem pretty much confined to Astoria ... local blogs go over and over debating the obvious on what to do, how to handle this, are they legit et al.

Which leads us to believe that this issue seems to be the solicitors gauging the local's sophistication more than anything else.

Yet another mysterious puff piece by Crappy for Vallone.

Anonymous said...

Put your dog on 'em!

Bow, wow, wow...snap...BITE!

Queens Crapper said...

Jehovah Witnesses preaching door to door are a first amendment issue. I would think someone with an understanding of the constitution wouldn't use that as an example.

You don't see this in Manhattan because they have doormen and security that they need to get past. So they preach in the subway instead.

Queens Crapper said...

Examples of it happening in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Install a fence around the entire perimeter of your property (where permitted) and then the flyers won't be left on your doorstep.

They'll be left at the gate of Fort Smith..

At least this way,
you won't hear solicitors ringing your door bell.

of all the serious issues that might face a homeowner...this issue falls somewhere down at the bottom of the list.

Anonymous said...

Naw, Crappy, they set up booths at street fairs and on the streets in Astoria. If they did not get traction they would not come back time and time again.

Flies are attracted by crap.

As to Manhattan buildings all having doormen I guess you do not get out too often.

Isolated examples posted last year on one blog to not make a trend and if you go on blogs like Astorians dot com you see posting after posting.

This is mainly an Astoria problem.

Still doesn't address you posting piece after piece making this fellow look good.

Pity you can't say that about his community after a few decades of his family's tender mercies.

Anonymous said...

This legislation would negatively impact insurgent Democratic candidates who don't have the advantage of political clubs to help them gather petitions. Insurgents often have to go door to door to get on the ballot.

Queens Crapper said...

They show up at my house and I don't live in Astoria. They have shown up at my friend's house in Flushing. Miss Heather had them in Greenpoint. Quite frankly, characterizing this as solely an Astoria problem is counterproductive to ending this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

They've come to my door in Glendale, and to my friends in ridgewood.

Its all over. Not just Astoria.

Anonymous said...

I give Vallone credit for trying this.

Anonymous said...

They show up everywhere but it is a particularly vile problem in Astoria ... because of Vallone.

Let me explain.

Western Queens (as the entire boro for that matter) is being systematically hollowed out for that waterfront development.

The wiring in Astoria was not upgraded for an extended period of time while resources were diverted to wire the shoreline. As the same time Astoria and the adjacent communities were in the cross-hairs for absentee landlords and Queens Crap replacements for older houses.

When the crap hit the fan as it was bound to do, the grid failed a few years back. Bigtime.

Vallone and his honchos panicked and went underground until they could hatch a culprit: Con Ed and its employees!

The good burgers of Astoria, the simple souls they be, started to go after the workers, many who were their own neighbors, as they were trying to restore power!

This legacy has stuck in the community. There is a deep suspicion of the utility and these hucksters, sensing this, have descended on the community like a plague.

So of course Vallone will try to undo what he did.

Its a bit like his campaign on graffiti. Makes great headlines. But totally ineffective because he will not go after the absentee landlords who let their property go to hell.

Believe me, if you tag a property, and give the owner a day or two to remove it, then he gets a fine if he doesn't, graffiti will be gone in a week.

Of course that cuts into campaign donations and its all about resume building and honest graft, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Funny, two just came to my door this evening ringing obnoxiously.
I opened the door and said I wasn't interested. When they asked what I wasn't interested in, I said creeps ringing my doorbell.
Then the guy started to say I was paying extra charges to con ed, I told him "I like paying extra money" and closed the door in his face.

At least it was a respectably dressed man and woman. A few years ago I called the precinct on a couple of guys who did not look on the up and up.

Anonymous said...

We should not need a bill to defend us from door to door salespeople. Learn to say no and be firm. Our society is so weak and soft that we need protection from solicitors??
And that lady in the clip; they started making fun of me...get a spine lady.

Anonymous said...

Have some fun with it. Make like your interested, tell them you need to try to find your bill but your not sure where it is but you will be back soon, close the door, when they finally start ringing again, open the door and act like you are seeing them for the first time.

Anonymous said...

They must be trying to set a record this summer. I've never had so many door-to-door solicitors coming into my apartment and just ringing doorbells to sell some random crap out of the 15+ years I lived here. (My apartment does have signs posted saying "No Solicitors" in two places - not that anyone reads)

A few weeks ago, I lost it when a Time Warner Cable rep showed up. In their case, it was the third time in two weeks for the same sales pitch I said "No" to.

Baseball bat in hand, I gave the fella a mouthful. I must've yelled loud enough too - I've heard a few doors opening on my floor. Maybe they spread the word around? Haven't seen a solicitor come in since.

Anonymous said...

After the scathing post describing the fascinating interplay between Vallone and his Immac buddies, the last few posts seem to be from Vallone shills that decry the torrent of door to door salesmen.


Since they are the same people that spend rush hour looking up girl's skirts at Ditmars, and nights tagging graffiti, this is Junior's opportunity to rid the nabe of riff-raff in one stroke.

Now if he can do something about Pisssitilli and Alma and the whole waterfront crowd he can get my vote.