Sunday, September 2, 2012

Peralta a candidate for borough president

From the Times Ledger:

State Sen. Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst) said he would like to be a borough president who combines the salesmanship qualities of Brooklyn’s Marty Markowitz and the wide-reaching influence of Queens’ Claire Shulman.

“You will see me front and center,” Peralta said as he prepares for a 2013 run.

The senator, who took office in 2010 following the ousting of former Sen. Hiram Monserrate, spoke of future plans and current concerns in a meeting with TimesLedger Newspapers staff and editors last week.

Peralta said he was interested in running for the top spot in Queens to shepherd future economic development forecast in neighborhoods such as Willets Point, Long Island City and the Rockaways. He said he wanted to mesh Markowitz’s cheerleading for his home borough with Shulman’s ability to attract big businesses. The former Queens borough president served from 1986-2002.

“We really need to be sure someone is at the helm sort of making it happen,” Peralta said.


Anonymous said...

Another shady do nothing lying politician seeking a do nothing high paying job...

Anonymous said...

Who isn't a candidate?
Maybe an urban planner should enter the race.

Anonymous said...

An urban planner like the ones we've had lately? Let's build more crap atop and adjacent to crap,quality of life be damned, Just unnerves me using those two examples-why not Manes?Guess he's not into tranny pros,huh? Job's got a certain degree of whoring to it, though, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous # 1- You apparently take a rather dim,cynical view of our local pols.Might that be desrved?

Gary the Agnostic said...

Gee. The other candidates ought to withdraw right now if Peralta's in the race.

Anonymous said...

That damn office needs to be abolished!
The Beep is just a rubber stamp for developers.

Anonymous said...

It's fun saying whatever you want without signing your name; Anonymous #1 obviously has no evidence of anything, otherwise we'd be reading about it in the paper. You read it here, folks. LOL, quite a scoop for someone who doesn't even want to "take credit." ROFL. Clearly, you have other reasons for not liking him, but choose not to express them, even anonymously.

I no longer live in Peralta's district, but I found him and his staff to be pretty focused on taking care of community needs. You can guffaw all you want from the boarded-up interior of your "social clubs," but the fact is that Peralta would be a competitive candidate. I don't know if I would support him or not, but he's the real deal--