Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Overcrowding turns school lunch to brunch

From the NY Post:

Eighth-graders at a middle school in Queens will be getting a lesson in how to eat like an heiress this year after their lunch time was moved up so early in the day their principal sent a letter to parents calling it “brunch.”

Lunch will now start at 9:45 a.m. for some students at IS 25 in Whitestone.

Mimosas won’t be served, just the usual cafeteria fare of chili and mozzarella sticks.

Some parents are fuming.

“My concern is that this brunch schedule teaches children to skip breakfast,” said Paul Manuele, a father of an IS 25 eighth-grader. “Those that don’t skip breakfast won’t have the appetite for a meal two hours later.”

Principal Mary Ellen Beirne said she was scheduling three lunch periods instead of two because of overcrowding. Last year, she said, more than 400 kids were crammed into the cafeteria at once.


Ned said...

Mayor says adults cant have soda but he can serve kids canned saturated fat and salt loaded chili & mozzarella sticks in the morning ?
What are the American and Asian kids to eat ?
Alpo dog food is a better option this is pure friggan madness WTF !!!!

Anonymous said...

if one checks the I.S.25 D.O.E. website you will realize why the building is so overcrowded.

was C.S.D.25 wrong in their policy of transferring elementary 6 th graders to share with intermediate pupils ,high school pupils and special education pupils? all in one building ?

some parent who transferred their child to private school, rather than enroll in I.S.25 can tell us.

Anonymous said...

A lot of downtown Flushing's Asian parents are faking their addresses so that they can qualify to enroll their kids in the preferred PS 32.

Their kindergarten program
has got quite a long waiting list.

The influence of the overcrowded jammed-in-
cheek-to-jowl Oriental lifestyle has arrived in Queens.

The major cause for over populating the area is all the over development that's been going on.

The pols don't give a damn,
because the more people that can be packed into a nabe means more votes they can harvest.

Ms. Tsouris said...

World Journalism Prep is also housed in this school. Maybe they should move the boutique school out of the building. Middle school students should not be treated like high school students. Or maybe the IS 25 administration is just preparing the kids for high school where they can have 3rd period lunch at 10 AM. That's happening at Francis Lewis and Bayside High Schools. The city treats most kids in general like crap!

Anonymous said...

World Journalism Preparatory School is a joke. The principal is a snake oil saleswoman who spiels how great the school is but then delivers nothing. Kids are transferring tro Francil Lewis and Bayside in droves.

It is a supposed journalism school that does not teach writing, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary or spelling.
Keep your children away from this school and it's education charlatan principal.

Anonymous said...

You folks in Queens deserve the shit sandwich the city gives you cause you are soooo polite and respectful.

Note the hipster kids in LIC are getting new schools, libraries, and a fawning pol who cares deeply about their sleep.

You guys get bullshit from your electeds and shit for your services while your taxes go the the waterfront development.

Anonymous said...

Tell me again how unchecked immigration doesn't put a strain on city services????

Anonymous said...

The solution to this is to convert the cafeteria into more classrooms. The children will have to learn to eat in the classrooms since that will introduce them to the future working environment where they will probably have to eat at their desk and work at the same time. Food will be brought up to the classrooms in catering rolling warming boxes. I'd rather the children eat at normal times than be placed in a loud cafeteria at odd hours.

Eating at the desk while working/learning is a skill that should be developed. Yes, I do this everyday so I will be able to treat my patients and run on time.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea. Why don't these kids eat breakfast at home? It takes 30 seconds to pour cereal into a bowl. As for lunch, do what we did when we went to school -- bring a bag lunch. It only takes 20 seconds to spread peanut butter and jelly on bread. Problem solved. As for the illegal situation - it's too late for anyone to do anything. America is already on the path to Third World Status.

Ned said...

""Why don't these kids eat breakfast at home? It takes 30 second""
Answer: Over 3/4 are the product of welfare brats and illegal aliens.
Why would the the parents spend time and $$ feeding them when the city hands it out free ?
These kids are nothing more then cash cows, the "vibrant and diverse" parents have no clue nor care.
The whole NYC school system (note NOT educational system) is nothing but a scam.
The mayors plan is to guarantee his constituents a new generation of stupid sheeple class that can be manipulated easy.

Anonymous said...

"peanut butter and jelly on bread"

I think it's a felony to bring peanut butter into a public building now adays.

Anonymous said...

This is the same school and administration that allowed Joseph Denice a sexual predator to walk the halls and counsel children, without any background check. The administration never informed the papers until they had to - when the parents of St. Mels made it public, only then did the principal sent out a letter.

Do you really think these people give a shit about your children? Don't fool yourselves, they don't.

Anonymous said...

People should stop whining, their children should have a substanciable breakfast before going to school, just get up earlier and put yourself to work.
Get yourselves to a third world country and check up on the thousands of kids assisting school everyday without a single drop of milk in their bellies. Consider yourselves and your children lucky and count your blessings of living in such an extraordinary country such as the US of A.

Anonymous said...

There's a teacher at I.S. 25 "Geller" that prefers to talk about his private life rather than teach. This same teacher is allowed to stay regardless of all the complaints from students and parents ;-( If a child is smart and questions this IDIOT he targets them ;-( I.S. seriously needs to be investigated !!!

Anonymous said...

the for I.S.25Q , lists grades 6,7,8,S.E. totals (847).World Journalism Prep 6-12 S.E.totals (587) and S.E.993 totals about( 133).

total pupils in the I.S.25 building is about 1567, in 2012.

this is practically over 95%capacity.

when the math and E.L.A. scores began dropping below 60% in 2003, for grades 7,8,, parents transferred their child to parochial schools.

to make up for the loss of filled seats and $20,000. per pupil ,the D.O.E./U.F.T. hi-jacked grade 6 pupils from the surrounding elementary schools. and then added a H.S. and spec. eduction prog. to the building.

is it any wonder that the cafeteria is too small for feeding at proper times ?

the anchor baby and voluntary busing into the community is to placate the social engineers in the D.O.E.. it doe not function well for the local residents, who have left the system.

Anonymous said...

Bitter old Ass-torian grandpa....
the reason that LIC's hipster kids are getting the lion's share of everything good is because they're located closer to Manhattan.

You're ALSO getting the lion's share of mega towers being built there for Manhattan's population overspill...choking out your sunlight


Uh....maybe the Greater Astoria Historical Society can mount an exhibit focusing on these perplexing problems....LOL!

Anonymous said...

Most parents who can't squeeze their kids into PS 32, bite the extra family expense bullet, and send their children to St. Andrew's.

It's the only way their kids can get a decent education.

Calling Mayor Bloomberg!

I thought that the great education advocate was supposed to improve our schools.


Anonymous said...

while the Auburndale 11358 zip,on Property Shark .com1n 2007 listed the ethnicity as White 65%,Asian 18% Hispanic.and African American 22% residents , I.S 25 was Asian 40%,White 34% Hispanic 21%, African American 5%.

World Sc. of Journ.Prep was Asian 15%,White 12%,Hispanic 35% ,African American 31%.

the "new billion $$$$" Doe website is confusing to navigate ,so one can not get up to date data. if it still exists ?

does a parent at I.S 25 have more info to contribute on this ethnicity matter ?

btw ,the Spec. education pupil cost for one year range from $64,000 to $98,000/pupil ? why so much taxpayer $$$$ ?

P.S.130 ,four blocks away , enrolls 300 ,85 % Asian from Main Street ,Flushing. while the locals get bused away one mile. you figure it out.


Anonymous said...

This is the same school and administration that allowed Joseph Denice a sexual predator to walk the halls and counsel children, without any background check. The administration never informed the papers until they had to - when the parents of St. Mels made it public, only then did the principal sent out a letter.

Do you really think these people give a shit about your children? Don't fool yourselves, they don't.

Just so you people know....the pedophile worked in St. Lukes first and that principal let him go and didnt say a word. They all say "not in my school"

Anonymous said...

Someone is fudging numbers I.S.25 is mostly Asian !! And all you have to do is wait and see at 2:25 p.m. when the kids exit the school. As for WJP its a lottery to get into that school grades have Nothing to do with it ;-( BTW I am a parent of a child attending I.S.25

Anonymous said...

the pupil enrollment data is from 2012.

the ethnicity data was from 2003 -2007 when i compiled data for the local civic parents in order to compare local schools, scores and capacities, on one report.

it is all data that was reported by the D.O.E. website.the website has been restructured with less cost and ethnicity data. the new site is very difficult to navigate.

one wonders if that is done on purpose.

try:NYC.Gov scroll to agency, Education Dept. then good luck trying to find detail on a school.its hit or miss.
it was easy in 2003.....

Anonymous said...

the NY Post,Q.C. and Anon #1 locate the I.S.25 Q building in "WHITESTONE,QUEENS". that is an error.

the zip is 11358 Flushing ,NY ,and more specific "AUBURNDALE".192 St./35-34th Ave. @ F.Lewis Blvd.

one block to the east ,across F.Lewis Blvd, is zip 11361 Bayside,Queens,N.Y.

to the north is zip 11357 Flushing, Whitestone.

unless the powerful have also changed the zip map with the voting districts ?