Friday, September 7, 2012

Johnny's a world traveler

From the NY Times:

Two months ago, John C. Liu, New York City’s comptroller, said he was “heartbroken” that the state’s top Democrats, skittish about a federal investigation into his campaign fund-raising, had excluded him from their delegate list to the Democratic National Convention.

But this week, as most of the Democratic establishment, including all of his presumed major rivals in the 2013 race for mayor, gathers in Charlotte, N.C., Mr. Liu is doing his best to attract attention 7,000 miles away in Asia.

He is visiting Seoul and Taipei, Taiwan, as part of a four-day whirlwind trip that will feature at least 14 events, including audiences with the mayor of Seoul and the vice president of Taiwan. One of the highlights of the trip came on Tuesday, when he delivered a speech at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul to a packed auditorium of more than 230 people, including 100 exchange students from the State University of New York, Mr. Liu’s alma mater.

Mr. Liu, who was born in Taiwan but moved to New York as a child, said he was in Asia to promote business and investment opportunities for the city. The trip also promises to afford him a chance to connect with civic and business leaders who have ties to American immigrant communities and who could be potential donors, according to two people close to Mr. Liu.

The host governments are paying for Mr. Liu’s airfare and lodging, which is permissible under city rules.


Anonymous said...

Don't Come Back , Jack....

Anonymous said...

We don't need any more promoting Asian business. Who are you kidding Mr Liu? Why not go to Italy or Ireland?...

Anonymous said...

Liu wants to remain overseas for awhile because
maybe the FBI is about to clamp down on his ass.

This way Johnny can quickly hop to a non-extradition treaty country in case he gets a federal subpoena to appear in a US court.

He's also probably already transfered his money into overseas accounts.

Anonymous said...

He's on a fundraising trip all right...
a LEGAL DEFENSE fund raising trip!

Maybe he should turn coat
and ask the wealthy Mitt Romney for a bail out.

Anonymous said...

John Liu has spent his life as a traitor to the land of his birth, Taiwan, in my view, with his whole-hearted support of the
dictatorship in Beijing. He is also a traitor to the land he supposedly has endorsed with this vile and evil support of the regime in Beijing.

The people of New York should have voted, instead of staying home, had decent people voted this evil person would not be in a position to steal the money of New Yorkers, as his father, Joe stole when he was put in a position where he could do so.

John Liu's father is a convicted thief who actually pled NOT guilty and wasted the time and money of all New Yorkers after he was arrested, rather than hang his vulgar head in shame. This is clearly a family of sin in my view and we can only hope that either John Liu moves to Communist China or gets indicted, convicted and tossed in prison where he belongs upon his return.

Anonymous said...

Why ask Mitt Romney ,he can ask his union friends for money or his environmental friends for money how about his big Hollywood friends for money or even that paragon of virtue George Soros for money or one of his filthy rich democrat friends for money like Pelosi or any of the Kennedy's. You see he dosent have to "turn coat" like you smugly suggested there are plenty of filthy rich democrats also

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Liu in jail already?

Anonymous said...

Uh, because Liu is no longer popular with his union friends.

Mitt can do the right Mormon thing
and tithe some of their vast funds to the Church of Liu.

Maybe Liu can get him some Chinese votes in return.

Anonymous said...

Pee Party IDIOT....
it's the Democrats that just snubbed him.

Eat more'll expand your brain power.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Liu will get hijacked by some real rough trade
Hong Kong pirates.

You know why buccaneers call the little escape craft on their ships the "jolly boat"?

Because that's where they get their "jollies".

"Get the cocoa butter ointment ready, me hearties"!

Anonymous said...

if those screaming meemies at the convention were democrats, citizens beware. they were more like D.I.N.O.

can one imagine them booing GOD, and Jerusalem three times?

Anonymous said...

Just for the record (for the John Liu zombies) it's ALWAYS a crime to raise campaign funds from foreign sources.

Of course a traitor to the United States Of American doesn't care about such things as following the law.

I'm not saying that John Liu and his zombie followers are traitors.

I'm saying it's my opinion that John Liu and his zombie supporters are traitors.