Saturday, September 1, 2012

College Point developer applies for 2nd variance

From the Times Ledger:

Plans to convert a dilapidated College Point factory into a 134-unit waterfront condo complex resurfaced this month after spending years off the community’s radar.

On Aug. 14, the city Board of Standards and Appeals received a request to extend a set of permits to allow construction at the old Chilton Paint Co. factory, at 110th Street and 15th Avenue.

The permit, called a variance, allows the developer to circumvent zoning laws and build housing in a manufacturing district.

The permit was initially issued in 2005 but was only valid for three years.

When it first expired in 2009, the developer had still not put a shovel in the ground and went back to the board.

According to documents filed with BSA, construction was delayed because the ownership of the property changed hands and the economic downturn caused funding to dry up.

The BSA granted the extension for another three years “on condition that substantial construction shall be completed by July 19, 2012.”

Yet substantial construction has not been completed. In fact, no work appears to have been done on the property as the developer is again approaching the city for another extension.


Anonymous said...

The previous owner, Vista Pointe LLC, bought the property from Chilton Paint Co. in 2005 for $4M and sold it for $12.5M in 2008 right after the variance was granted by the BSA.

Hmm.....the reason was used for applying the variance......'To allow the owner triple the value of the property'?

BSA = Bull Shit Agency!

Anonymous said...

If I said it once, I've said it a thousand times...
College Point has NO community leadership.

R. I. P. College Point, NY

Anonymous said...

Where's phony Tony? Didn't he once stand up for College Point? Now he's promoting gambling as a way to raise money for communities such as the Point??!!??!

"Avella, D-Bayside, said he wants the state to raise money for a community grant fund through a Lottery scratch-off game."

Does this mean more money for his mentor's (Toby Stavisky's) North Flushing Senior Center while College Point is decimated by overdevelopment? Just sayin'...

Paul said...

Where is the local councilman on this issue? Let me guess on Bell looking to get hammered? Traveling to Isreal on taxpayer money. Speaking for developers instead of the taxpayers in the community that voted for him?

Oh and lynda, I know you are reading this. Don't worry, unlike Al who is a good guy trying to do the right thing. I've dealt with shit like you and halloran before. You won't get to know my last name in so you can try to slander and discredit me the way you are trying to do it to Al, the way you did it to others when you worked for that convicted fellon.

Enjoying your swing set.

I will be thorn in your side till you are out of my neighborhood or in jail where you belong. The three of you.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what goes on in College Point anymore...for it's the asshole of Queens.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It doesn't matter what goes on in College Point anymore...for it's the asshole of Queens.

True dat!!! And Phony Tony and Doofy Dan are the turds.

Anonymous said...

between "doofy" Dan and that career politician
"phony" Tony,
C.P. residents have been screwed.

Vote them out of office.
That's the only real power anyone ever has in the USA!

Anonymous said...

So Paul...
what does Avella do up in Albany while Halloran is busy bending the elbow on Bell...nod yes when Toby Stavisky speaks?