Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another heap of garbage in Jamaica

From NY1:

A massive mound of garbage that looks like it belongs in a landfill fills a residential lot in Jamaica, Queens.

This mess was four years in the making, ever since neighbors say owners of the property knocked down a private house and left the lot vacant.

In addition to the huge heap of trash, the lot holds large construction equipment and even a boat. Since the site is easily accessed, with only one brick holding the doors shut, residents worry about their children's safety.

"Several neighbors have lodged complaints but to no avail. The only thing we received is something attaching myself and my husband to the property, saying we have to clean up the vacant lot, otherwise we'll be fined," says [Crystal] Bonds.

It is an absurd turn of events, since Bonds says they do not own the lot and they are the ones who have been begging to have it cleaned up.

NY1 called the Sanitation Department to ask about the warning but has not heard back.

The station then called the Department Of Buildings and a spokeswoman says permits were issued in 2008 to demolish an existing building.

An application was filed to build a new two-story family home on the property, but she says permits to construct the new building were never obtained by the developer.

NY1 determined who the owner of the property is but so far the station has not been able to reach him for comment.

The DOB spokeswoman tells NY1 the agency will inspect the property, responding to homeowners' complaints.


Anonymous said...

NY1 called the Sanitation Department to ask about the warning but has not heard back.


Why didn't they call the local councilman? The local community board?

Joe Moretti, Jamaica, NY said...

Another umpteenth example of what is going on in Jamaica due to some of the people who live here, the zoning laws and some of the politicians and city leaders who just do not address this garbage issue and take any action. By the way does anyone know the address of the property, it is not listed anywhere in the article? That would be helpful.

Anonymous said...

"Come back to Jamaica".

This message was brought to you by
the Jamaica Tourist Board...LOL!

With apologies to Harry Belafonte.
"My heart is head is turning around...
I had to leave a little girl in Kingston Town".

Anonymous said...

Drive-by shootings and mountains of trash!
Where is Carlisle Towrey?

Anonymous said...

the south Bronx of Queens!