Saturday, October 8, 2011

Who's responsible for grassy strip?

From the Times Ledger:

The city and the head of a Middle Village cemetery are engaged in a not-my-turf war.

The two sides disagree over who is responsible for maintaining an unkempt grassy swath along 73rd Place, but residents who live nearby do not care which side wins the debate. They just want it cleaned up.

The strip of land runs between 68th and 70th avenues along western edge of 73rd Place and creates a no-man’s-land between All Faiths Cemetery and the road.

Empty beer bottles, syringes, used condoms, dog feces and bags of garbage are constantly being discarded in the brush, according to residents.

And the foliage makes a convenient home for vermin like raccoons, skunks, rodents and mosquitoes that cause problems in the neighborhood...

Dan Austin, president of the cemetery, said he has never owned the property, but as a courtesy used to clean it up. The economy and complications with having unionized workers led him to discontinue his maintenance several years ago.

He added that when his crews have previously cleaned the area they found household garbage dumped by neighbors, who left discarded mail bearing their addresses in the refuse.


Anonymous said...

Easy solution; have the local residents park all over that grassy strip, and when the brownies come by and blanket them with summonses, and/or tow them, that will constitute a claim to the ownership of the property by the city.

Big Hairy Balls said...

I reside near a strip of land that no one claims but needs taking care of. All of our neighbors pitched in some money and the problem was solved. I realize in a place like Queens where a real 'f**k you' attitude exists this may be difficult but it's worth a try. Anyone else in 2012! Death to the Palestinians! Long live Israel! Long live Queens Crapper!