Saturday, October 8, 2011

Government docs to be translated into 6 languages

From the Daily News:

New York State docs will be translated into in six languages -- Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Russian, French, and Créole -- in an effort to make government more accessible to the people, Gov. Cuomo announced in a Red Room presser a short time ago.

"We welcome immigration," said Cuomo, surrounded by officials and immigration activists. "We invite [immigrants] to join the family of New York and we always have, so to the extent we can expedite communication among our family members, that is exactly what we will do."

The executive order requires agencies that provide direct public services to offer free interpretation and translation services for vital forms and instructions. The gathered officials said having government information available in a number of languages other than English can be not only helpful but critical in cases such as reporting crimes.

Cuomo, for his part, said the order corrects a long-standing injustice and problem: "Government works for the person. The person does not work for the government."

Some of the funding for the translation services will be provided by the federal government.


Anonymous said...

"the person does not work for the government"A Cuomo "

tell taxpaying New Yorkers this joke on April 15,2012 !

Anonymous said...

Folks are never to learn english if their native language serves as their crutch to get through life. If there is a police emergency the Police will not understand in most cases when a foreign language is used. English is the common language when in the US speak as the US resident does - English.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure we'll all be getting a tax increase for this latest boner.

EVERYONE SHOULD be required to
acquire the ability to COMPREHEND ENGLISH as a condition of their U.S. citizenship...if that's too damn much to ask!

All of these various multi-language translations are costing governments a f-----g bundle!

Now you'll soon be hearing from the groups excluded from these 6 translations.

They'll be bitching and moaning so loud that next year we'll be seeing a whole new costly set of translations foisted upon us taxpayers.

Who does Cuomo think he is...the Sherrif of Nottingham?

We're bastard!

G-d damn Democrats...forever pandering to ensure obtaining the votes they need to bankrupt our nation.

Pay for this shit yourself Andy or ask pappa Mario to open his Swiss cash box to help out!

Anonymous said...

The CUNY senior colleges are funded by NYS; the CUNY community colleges are funded by NYC. Since the senior colleges are state agencies, do our websites and everything else we print have to be in multiple languages?

FlushingRepresenter said...

American should be the only language ANYTHING is written in.

We spell honor like this.
We spell color like this.
We spell organization like this.
We say garbage, not rubbish.
We eat muffins, not scones.

Me and my friends are going to the movies.

NOT my friends and I.

You want that English bullshit, move to England.

Anonymous said...

These are the same elected clowns who are too incompetent to approve of as little as a traffic signal on a needed corner for the benefit of the people. But they can't bend over backwqards enough for newly arrived immigrants, legal and illegal, and their supporters.

georgetheatheist said...

The great Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Teddy White ("The Making of the President 1960", et al.) once said that the English language was the GLUE that held the republic together.

Now Cuomo and cohorts are removing that glue and furthering the disunity of the Republic. Think about it folks. There's a line in the Pledge of Allegiance which impressionable schoolchildren recite that states that we are "one nation, INDIVISIBLE". Now look what these idiot Albany jackanapes have done. (Oh, that's right, this civic assertion now will be recited in 6 languages?)

And shame on Jefferson for having the audacity of writing the Declaration of Independence in the English language.

I have a friend who works everytime there's an election at the poll as a Chinese translator. She gets paid $200 a day for sitting there and DOING NOTHING. (As was done during the recent election.) Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Here's the solution: MAKE ENGLISH THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF THE NATION NOW. It is the voluntary responsibility of the effected immigrant communities to offer assistance to their members on these important issues. This is how it was done in the past through immigrant societies and fraternal organizations.

Tell me why the Civil War was fought if not for one non-assundered nation.


Shame on these politicians.

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to buy a condo in the NYS Tower of Babel???

Anonymous said...


Look at all the money being poured into the library for diverse languages. Your words suggest we should not do these things.

If we understand you, the library should put a stop to that and instead use the money for English immersion courses.

Want to put your money where your mouth is and write your suggestions in one of our august weeklies?

Anonymous said...

Another reason why the city and state have no money. How much more can the taxpayers pay? If Cuomo wants to do this, let him pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Another reason why the city and state have no money. How much more can the taxpayers pay? If Cuomo wants to do this, let him pay for it.


Anonymous said...

They'll lay off teachers and other city workers; they'll lower the pay scale for police; they'll cut social security, by they'll bend over backwards for immigrants. Geniuses!!

Anonymous said...

texting against Cuomo's anti-american policy is simply venting and probably of no "real "value.

acting against it , letters and phone calls to politicians,civic action, might reverse the anti -english ,immigrant ,illegal alien, lobbying.

the enemy is pro active , ARE YOU ?

Deke DaSilva said...

"Government works for the person. The person does not work for the government."

Cuomo has elected a "new people", since he obviously doesn't care for the ones that have lived here a while.

Next election, it's time we send him a message and elect a new governor.

Anonymous said...

Waste of money! Learn English, people!

fiscus1 said...

What??? No Esperanto????

Anonymous said...

you are in New York now.SPEAK SPANISH!!

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says....

Th brochure should be printed in English with several foreign langauge qualifiers at the the end of the brochure; telling readers who do not understand English to go to, they could type in the letters and see the translation in their native language. That would also help in the learning of the English language.

John from Conn said...

What does Francis Bellamy's socialist pledge have to do with this....The the immoral actions of the "War Between the States" either?...People living in the United States do not need to learn English if they stay out trouble and away from the Federal government...People are free to speak whatever language they want and get translation at their "own expense" to function in society as they so choose. But, when dealing with the "Federal" government and "Federal" law courts I believe it should be uniform. For ease and functionality it should be made English only. No language with it's vast culturally complex meanings translates exactly into any other...The people of each sovereign State should then vote through referendum in their state to decide how it is done at their own State level. That is what true Republican government is...But, we lost all that and the original system of the founding generation after Lincoln and the Whigs usurped the Republican name from Jefferson and launched their atrocities against the sovereign people of the southern states...

Anonymous said...

the nys "initiative and referendum" bill was passed almost unanimously by the nys senate (majority cons.g.o.p.). approx. june 2011.

it is being sat on by the majority DEMOCRAT /PROGRESSIVE NYS ASSEMBLY .

democrats can not permit the nys state voters TO BE HEARD. voters might stop this nonsense permanently.

Anonymous said...

Make English the official language of the United States of America. We need legislation.

Anonymous said...

have you called Cuomo, your nys asemblyman or nys senator yet?

Anonymous said...

Hebrew? Yiddish? Powerful political blocs, insisting on NO enlish, yet not listed as translation-required. Makes me wonder what's going on????

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the 7th language would be? Hindi, Arabic, Korean, or Tagalog

Anonymous said...

"We welcome immigration," said Cuomo, surrounded by officials and immigration activists.

NO WE DON'T!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How is it that you have people that have been here for FIFTY YEARS and still barely can read a street sign???

how are we supposed to move forward as a nation when we have so many people who do not want to participate?

I was for the Melting Pot. But the Salad Bowl simply will not work!!!