Friday, October 7, 2011

Poppenhusen in dire straits

From the Times Ledger:

The Poppenhusen Institute in College Point has been a fixture in the community for 143 years.

But even the oldest, most historic structures are often no match for an economic maelstrom, and the institute has fallen on hard times along with much of the rest of the nation.

The situation is becoming critical as the institute’s ex director, Susan Brustmann, estimates that it needs to raise about $40,000 to $50,000 by next June in order to stay open.

So Brustmann is being proactive in order to ensure the best chances for the beloved site’s continuing to serve future generations as a museum and living piece of the area’s history. The institute, which is on the National Register and is landmarked by the city, raised $8,000 in July and August, and it has been awarded capital improvement for exterior renovations as well as the installation of elevators and handicapped-accessible bathrooms.

But the issue is bringing in money to pay for programs and operations and to foot the gas, electric and insurance bills.

They are toying with the idea of selling their roof as ad space.


Anonymous said...

Is the city putting the squeeze on it? Do they want to turn it over to a profit making developer?

The city has the money - look at all the unneeded development and bike lanes - so what is the deal?

Frank said...

If Susan Brustmann didn't boot the College Point Rod & Gun club from Poppenhusen back in the early 90s (or was it late 80s?) they might have had a more steady stream of income.

Anonymous said...

Another example of the disrespect for things old and precious. Hold the feet of the local electeds over the fire! Perhaps Stavisky could donate some of her suspiciously large donation to the North Flushing Senior Center to help preserve the Poppenhusen???

Anonymous said...

All of the money that went into those little street plazas that Bloomberg's pet Jeanette Sadik Kahn promoted.

They're a failure (being occupied by the homeless) and will, most likely, be ripped up soon.

Then we have those costly confusing congestion creating bike lanes.

Pish, tosh....
the city has plenty of money for the mayor's quirky pet projects.

Anonymous said...

Of course they want it to go to developers, what else! Where's all the Coooege Point support and the City Councilman.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Bloomberg is only interested in funding projects that his buddies can launder money out of.

Anonymous said...

The developers are like birds of prey looking for their next meal. I pray it isn't the Poppenhusen!!!

Anonymous said...

Like the St Saviours and the Steinway Mansion and Bowne House.

Money is POURED into Queens in questionable projects that do little more than provide photo ops for pols and investment opportunities developers (Queens Plaza, Willets Pt, Flushing, LIC) while the rest of the borough gets systematically destroyed or simply rots away.

Were is Queens Civic Congress? Where are the electeds? Where is the print media?

Anonymous said...

As I understand's actually the state that cut their funding...I believe...100%!

See what happens after Padavan is gone.

Hey the Avellas have any power left under Toby Stavisky's skirt up in Albany to restore the funding?

Anonymous said...

Hey fruitcake "Frank"...
did you ever hear of falling victim to lead dust poisoning resulting from the discharge of firearms in an enclosed area?

Now go and fondle the muzzle of gun nut!

Anonymous said...

That indoor shooting range's sand trap in the basement of the institute revealed some .380, etc. large shell casings...hardly appropriate target rounds to be safely used indoors.

Responsible mature target shooters prefer the much more accurate 22 caliber round for competition.

Wannabee mercenary adolescents think toting bigger bore handguns make up for their teenie weenies.

Anonymous said...

Some of the point's racist "old timers" once criticized Susan for letting a Korean Church use the facilities.

And did those alta-fascists ever contribute more than a dime to this venerable German American institution?

Never...because talk is cheaper than pulling out a checkbook!

Jerry Rotondi said...

If there is one place in the city that truly deserves all the funding it can use---its Poppenhusen!

They have well over a 130 year
record of providing superb uninterrupted service to the surrounding community---as well the rest of our borough.

It would be a shame to have to put a sudden halt to all that now.

Financial support will never be wasted or squandered here!

Constantly dedicated to her work---Susan Brustmann will surely see to that---as she has for decades.

I've been a volunteer and contributor, myself, for at least 20+ years.

Yes, I'm a current member too!

Susan---great job and keep the faith!

You all out there---please open up your hearts and purses to help out in this time of great need.

Anonymous said...

I've lived in College Point for 32 years now, and the Poppenhusen Institute has always been here for the community and nearby areas. So many children and adults alike are so fortunate to have the opportunity to walk through its doors.

With the growing community in College Point, I hope all parents of young children would visit the Poppenhusen to see for themselves all it can offer their children. The art classes are great. There are always different activities, classes, musical entertainment, etc.,

The dedication and hard work of SUSAN BRUSTMAN is remarkable. Show her how much you care by visiting and seeing what a real GEM the POPPENHUSEN INSTITUTE is..

It would be a great loss not only to College Point but also nearby areas to lose this fine landmark. It needs our financial support now. Please give whatever you can. Believe me, it will enrich your life in so many ways.