Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crowley denies clandestine meeting to replace Meeks

From the NY Post:

Queens Democratic leaders are so worried that the ethical and criminal probes surrounding Rep. Gregory Meeks will bring him down, they held a secret meeting to pick his successor.

The clandestine cabal assembled last month at the Guy Brewer Democratic Club in Queens and included the borough’s Democratic boss, Rep. Joseph Crowley, according to two elected officials familiar with the gathering.

But the handpicked successor, state Sen. Malcolm Smith, seems a curious choice because he is under federal investigation himself.

“It would send a terrible signal to DC,” a source said of Smith’s coronation. “We would be the...joke of the country.”

Smith was at the meeting, along with City Council members Ruben Wills and Leroy Comrie, according to sources.

Meeks is up for re-election next year in a heavily minority and immigrant district that covers southeast Queens. If Meeks resigns or is expelled from Congress, the governor could call a special election to fill the seat or leave it vacant until the November 2012 elections.

A primary against Meeks is not being mulled because the embattled congressman’s premature exit is assumed, a source said.

Had to laugh at Joe's assertion, "I've never set foot inside the Guy Brewer Democratic Club."

Aren't you the Democratic county leader? Oh that's right, the commute from Virginia is a bitch.


Anonymous said...

is not DEMOCRAT DICTATORShip grand ?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Joe Crowley was in Queens! Did he even recognize the place?

Anonymous said...

Stuttering fool.

Anonymous said...

The Queens Democratic party is already a national embarrassment. Crowley seems to have no ability to pick candidates. He gave his support to many of these criminals (Meeks, Smith) and also backs losers (Weprin, Iannece) with surprising regularity.

Anonymous said...

The Queens democratic club may be an embarrassment but the reason is the electorate of Queens.

they are the real joke.

the world is slowly moving on leaving them behind.

Anonymous said...

Why not just send The Big Man, Leroy Comrie, to Washington to replace Meeks? He's term-limited out of his City Council job, and he's no guarantee to get the Queens Borough President job. At least he's not under any investigations for corruption.

Anonymous said...

Leroy can't even wipe his own ass. The man is a complete mess.

Anonymous said...

Rep Crowley gracing Queens and the Bronx with his presence - how deserving we are!

Anonymous said...

"Honest Joe" Crowley - what a piece of work.

Anonymous said...

Come clean Joe, the truth will set you free!