Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bloomberg and Quinn protecting illegals

From the NY Times:

In a significant reversal, the Bloomberg administration said Friday that it would support a City Council bill that would hamper federal authorities’ ability to detain, and eventually deport, foreign-born inmates on Rikers Island who are about to be released.

The decision is an important victory for the Council speaker, Christine C. Quinn, the sponsor of the bill, which is now almost certain to become law, and for immigrant advocates, who have long assailed the city’s cooperation with immigration agents based at the prison.

Corrections Department officials routinely share lists of foreign-born inmates with immigration authorities, who then take custody of, detain and deport thousands of people who had been charged with misdemeanors and felonies. The arrangement is common across the country.

The bill would not end the practice, known as the criminal detainer program, in New York City. But it would prevent corrections officials from transferring inmates to federal custody, even immigrants in the United States illegally, if prosecutors declined to press charges against them, and if they had no convictions or outstanding warrants, had not previously been ordered deported and did not show up on the terrorist watch list.

As a result, the immigrants would be released if they were not defendants in criminal cases, regardless of whether federal officials wanted them deported.

Congratulations, you are now free to stay and potentially cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Please make yourself at home.


Anonymous said...

did someone say that there are traitors living and ruling us in N.Y.C.?


Anonymous said...

this is what my tax money is going for gee i want to thank those two morons for this -- not a happy camper

FlushingRepresentador said...


Tell that criminal king pin Richard Brown to to his cronies down at the district attorneys office to proceed with charges against the "illegals".

The protocols of the mayor of New York City is in effect.

Missing Foundation said...

The problem is, as is always with Quinn or Bloomberg's antics, City Council laying down and letting them do anything they want.

Add to this a moribund civics culture and a lackluster press, and you have, as said ealier on this blog, a 'major fail' in the machine of NYC's culture to put a stop to this.

Oh, did I mention you, dear resident? Go down to Wall Street and watch those kids.

Maybe you can lean something.

Anonymous said...

Is the dyke willing to house these lovely people in her own home once they are released?

Anonymous said...

The only way shit like this stops is when everybody stands up and says enough is enough.. Look what's happening down town by Wall Street... This country is slowly getting together and really getting pissed off!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can "lean" something? Yes, like maybe you can "lean" that you should not have anything to do with protests funded by communists like George Soros, the SEIU and ACORN. Bloomberg has a problem alright. He's courting the Obama white house to become the next treasury secretary should he win. And with his useful idiot protesters at the ready to destabilize the status quo he might just pull that magic act off.

Anonymous said...

Next we are going to be paying them for commiting crimes.

Anonymous said...

Doomsberg's ego was a little deflated when the G.Bush administration turned their backs on his GIRLFRIEND, for the u.s treasury position.

she now works for the former clinton appointed, I.M.F. president ,James Wolfensohn. he is now in the private financial industry.

Anonymous said...

Aren't Bloomberg and Quinn aiding and abetting these criminals? Isn't it time to call in the Feds? The way I see it, these politicians are breaking Federal Immigration Laws. These people have crossed our borders illegally and committed crimes in our country. They should be deported ASAP. They should deport Quinn and Bloomberg too (if they could find a country that would take them).

Anonymous said...

when socialists, Susan Sarandon, her ex-husband Tim Robbins, and Michael Moore join the socialist parasite tools at "OCCUPY WALL STREET" ,you know this rent a mob was well organized from the start.

it is a diversion from the failing presidency of their leftist chosen one.the democrat/progressive /government, media complex will showcase it to the world.

the Tea Party gatherings got very little media coverage from the MSM. but they did attempt to smear these American Patriots,which has not faked out the U.S. citizens

Anonymous said...

The Tea Party got lots of coverage and you know it, Gramps.

As far as it being a diversion from anything? Come up with an original thought for once. That line was all over Fox News yesterday.

And isn't just Sarandon and Robbins (he was there?), either. Did you see all of the union people (including hardhats)? This thing is going mainstream. And without funding from the Koch Brothers, to boot.

Anonymous said...

WTF for....they can't vote?

Unless under the Obama State there will be an upcoming change to make it so!

Anonymous said... looks like the councilman's boycott of Queens Crap has ended.

Dan holerin' Halloran and his Libertarian Tea Bagers are sure busy posting.

You didn't get the Wall Street coverage you think you deserve....
because you guys are just a pimple on the asshole of the world.

Anonymous said...

And who paid for the buses that the Tea Party guys showed up on at the Congressional Town Meetings?

That's right. Tehy all chipped in. Sure.

Anonymous said...

"Doofy" Dan Halloran
is little more than a two fisted drinker and a four fisted egotist....who usually winds up with his foot stuck in his mouth.

That adolescent has really got to learn his limitations before his head gets too big for his body to support.

He soon will.

His "career" in politics is just about over.

The what will he do afterward....defend some Whitestone mobsters?

Anonymous said...

no buses at the tea party gatherings in HICKSVILLE, BOWNE PARK,QUEENS and 34th st./8th avenue, Manhattan.

my original thought on" O.W.ST" being a diversion to Obama's failed presidency was conveyed to Fox news and they aired it. this occurs often, with the talk show media also.

the public union and hardhat construction, socialists are just cutting their own not the financial district worker paying the taxes for their salary/benefit package and developer subsidies for the high risers being worked on ?the financial district motorists traveling to N.J. are funding the WTC with the $12 to $18 bridge tolls,just levied.

Anonymous said...

Which is why those gatherings were so small, Gramps. The Koch Brothers and Dick Armey's group sent their money elsewhere.

And, of course, Fox News followed up on your suggestion. Sure.You are the brains behind the whole movement. Right.

And the unions are the people who paid the taxes that provided the funds that bailed out Chase, Bank of America and all of the other companies at Wall Street and were rewarded with such things as higher ATM fees.

Anonymous said...

are you stating that unionized workers are the only tax payers in America?

where is your proof for that statement ?

when 50% of americans do not pay taxes, who are the taxpayers?

a small % of the high earners pay most of the U.S tax burden . the data is available, why don't you text it ,if you want the public to know the truth ?

your propaganda is flawed ,as usual.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say anything of the kind, Gramps.

Your thinking is flawed, as usual. 50% of the American people don't pay taxes? According to who? Speaking of propaganda, don't quote Fox News or a right-wing website. Quote someone unbiased. The vast majority of Americans pay taces. The problem is that the guys in the upper echelons of taxpayers have more loopholes than the rest of us. They're the ones you're defending at your own expense.

Queens Crapper said...

Nearly half of US households escape fed income tax

Anonymous said...

RE:"flawed",is Q.C. and Yahoo Finance unbiased enough for you?

research the connection between Doomsberg's girlfriend and the owners of Zuccotti Park (O.W.Street). i think the name is BROOKFIELD. it is reported on Am radio that obama has recently loaned hundreds of millions of tax dollars to this company's subsidiary ,for GREEN ENERGY experimentation.

why does the name George Soros, being expressed in print in connection to OWS ?

do you approve of the socialist tool using a NYPD car for a port a potty? is that your style?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 22:

What George Soros does with his money is his business, just as what the Koch Brothers do in funding all kinds of right-wing stuff is theirs.

I don't approve of anyone using a police car as a porta-potty. Nor did I approve of people showing up at Tea Party rallies with automatic weapons.

Anonymous said...

are you not embellishing again, when you state " People @RALLIES" instead of 1 person @ 1 rally"?

any comment about the NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY thugs threatening voters at the entrance to polls in 2010 ?

why are you not commenting on the Q.C and Yahoo Finance data on the 47% of U.S.citizens who do not pay taxes ? too humbling ?

Check out BROOKFIELD OFFICE PROPERTIES,owners of Zuccotti Park (O.W.S.) . wikipedia reports that they are part of the (NEW OBAMA /Canada ,61% owned
General Motors Co. the U.A.W.UNION have a HEALTHCARE TRUST included.

could be" BIRDS OF A FEATHER STICKING TOGETHER",to create chaos.

it is reported that key "photo op stars"are members of SOROS FUNDED "MOVE ON .ORG." and some are actors, in fake P.D. garb and phony hard hat, staging their events for the media .
similar shop printed signs prove that the" socialist tools" are not random participants. but well organized, as the WEATHER UNDERGROUND ,STUDENTS FOR DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY, BLACK PANTHERS,SYMBIANESE LIBERATION ARMY were in the 1960's to 70's.

Anonymous said...

The New Black Panther Party is a figment of Fox News' imagination, Gramps. If they have more than 50 members tha's a lot.

And your obsession with George Soros is bordering on extremem paranoia. You have your rich guys, we have ours.