Friday, August 12, 2011

That's one filthy supermarket!

From the Times Ledger:

Bellerose civic leaders and City Councilman Mark Weprin (D-Oakland Gardens) are calling on a halal meat market in the neighborhood to get its act together after it was cited for more than a dozen violations, including three labeled as “critical” by the state Department of Agriculture and Markets.

Super Halal Meat Fruits & Vegetables Inc., at 253-06 Hillside Ave. in Bellerose, racked up three “critical deficiencies” by the Agriculture Department, including live flies in the meat processing area flying around and landing on meat contact and non-contact surfaces.

The agency also said there were live flies on produce and in a dumpster and a meat fat storage area.

Citing a letter from the agency, the councilman said the market was assessed a $600 penalty, and the agency called the business a “chronic violator,” which means the market will face inspections every 30 days instead of every 60 days.


georgetheatheist said...

I thought "halal" meant "fly infested".

Anonymous said...

Don't be silly George. Everyone knows halal means "dirty hands"

Deke DaSilva said...

C'mon Weprin, get with the program!

Don't you realize that we're supposed to appreciate the "vibrant diversity" that living in Queens provides?

If a few live flies in the meat bothers you, how are you going to handle it when they start slaughtering the sheep in the streets during Ramadan?

And what about cousin marriage, polygamy, honor killings, and all the other good stuff?

Get with it man!

Anonymous said...

I thought it meant "you can't beat our meat"!!!

Anonymous said...

This country is truly going down the tubes, all those gross, smelly brown people, PLEASE CLOSE THE BORDERS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

Halal= meat transported in non-refrigerated vehicles.......

Anonymous said...

Thanks Councilmember Weprin .This store has created many serious problems. The city needs to address the issues and get these problems fixed. The issue isn't the Halal meat. The issue is this store should never have been allowed to open on our block. The owners of this store have tried to fit a Stop and Shop supermarket in a store that should be a mom and pop deli. Some of the violations this store has received are very serious and need to be corrected immediately. It's a shame this has happened and the city is incapable of enforcing any of the complaints. Why issue violations if you can't collect the fine or enforce the correction of the violation. This store will never be legal and the owners will never pay any of the fines or correct any of the many issues this store has created.

John P said...

Not to sound like a broken record,again
Super Halal Meat Market, 253-06 Hillside Avenue in Bellerose Qns, This store should never have been allowed to open in Bellerose. This store was expanded, renovated and opened without getting any city permit. Some permits were only obtained when inspectors finally responded to our many complaints. The owners of this store knew it was easier to build illegally and the city couldn’t to do anything to stop them. The store still doesn’t have all the required permits other businesses in NYC must have (HVAC permit, refrigeration compressor permits, illuminated sign permit). In addition to all the overdue and unpaid violations, why isn’t the city enforcing these requirements?

This is a lousy system and it need to be changed. It’s a good system if you’re violating the law. The system sucks if you’re homeowners who can’t open your windows or enjoy your backyard anymore. This store is clearly operating illegally and in violation of many zoning laws that should be corrected.If only the New York City Buildings Department and other city agencies would do their job.
This store has so many issues it should be a priority with the city. What has happened at 253-06 Hillside Avenue, Bellerose, NY 11426 should never have happened. The laws need to be changed to protect other communities.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Anonymous said...

Nice picture,looks like a real fire hazard. Somebody call the fire department and make a complaint.

Anonymous said...

Bellerose, Queens used to be a nice neighborhood some 20 years ago.

A store like that can never open on the other side of the county line.

Anonymous said...

What about the food cart in front of the store. It's partially blocking their very active driveway. They don't have the required parking needed and this cart makes the situation worst. The parking area is very dangerous and the cart is just adding to the confusion. This parking area should also be looked at.

Anonymous said...

wow,this store has a lot of DOB complaints

Anonymous said...

The rear yard of this store is disgusting. I live 3 houses away from this store . Most days I can't open my windows or enjoy my backyard because the smell is really bad .

Anonymous said...

Bellerose Queens is still a nice neighborhood and good place to live.
This store has taken advantage of the city and neighborhood.The systems isn't working and needs to be fixed.
The store has illegally built out their rear yard area. The structure they built is illegal a fire hazard and is being used for garbage storage. The odors coming from the rear of this store are foul and disgusting. If the city would enforce the zoning laws in the rear of the building almost all our quality of life issues could be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what happened? Aren't they always saying how Halal food is special and safe and how they won't eat christian/western food?

Filthy animals. It was always nothing more than excuse to justify their desire for self segregation.

Anonymous said...

Bellerose has ALL the extremes:

Anonymous said...

Its they way they lived in their home country so they think is ok to be surrounded by flies

Anonymous said...

The Honorable NYS Senator Mr.Tony Avella responded as follows:
Dear Mr. Joe Anthony Sierra
Thank you for your October 14th letter regarding my stance on closing the Super Halal Market in Bellerose.
While I understand your concerns in this regard, you clearly are not in possession of all the facts regarding this establishment. The owners of the market have repeatedly been warned to address all of the violations that have been issued by City and State agencies. Not only have they chosen to ignore these serious issues - violations of the law continue.
For example, the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets has conducted three separate inspections of the market. Eack time the market failed the inspection. At this point the owners have 60 days to address the unsightly and unhealthy conditions cited in these inspection reports. otherwise, the agency will proceed to revoke their license to operate.
In addition, the owners have amassed over $23 thousand dollars in unpaid fines regarding Department of Buildings violations, which to-date have not been corrected.
I am extremely concerned for the health of any individual that shops at this location given the existing violations. I would hope that you share this concern for your family in Glen Oaks that shops at this market.
Verbatim from the district office in Queens.