Friday, August 12, 2011

Bull runs amok in Jamaica

From Fox 5:

A bull or steer that apparently wasn't too keen to be led to slaughter broke free and caused quite a scene in Queens on Wednesday.

It was videotaped charging down Liberty Ave. in Jamaica, Queens. Pedestrians were walking down the sidewalks, unaware, as the animal raced by. A school bus was seen following the bovine down the street.

Later, the animal showed up on the campus of York College campus of the City University of New York, which is further down Liberty Ave. It tried to run into one of the buildings at the health and physical education complex the but ended up hitting construction scaffolding that was set up around the buildings.

A student emailed video of the scene to

Two men, one still wearing a slaughterhouse cover-up, were finally able to wrestle the animal to the ground before any more damage was done.

No injuries were reported.


Anonymous said...

"No injuries were reported."

Only from the human perspective.

georgetheatheist said...


Con Gary HAckerman said...

Just restocked my bullsh*t supply!!!

Anonymous said...

Could we let a few thousand more loose around Jamaica, Corona, Flushing and a few more choice tweeded spots?

Anonymous said...

Vegetarian food never got loose
and endangered anyone.

LOL....unless you happen to have been in the vicinity of "The Radioactive Mutant Killer Tomatoes From Mars"!

Deke DaSilva said...

Cows wandering around the streets of Queens?

Have we finally become truly "vibrant and diverse" just like the streets of Bombay?

Or did Queens finally have it's own version of Pamplona, Spain for a day?

Hemingway would have enjoyed it.....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Bull runs amok in Jamaica"

And bull runs amok in Congress as well!

Gary the Agnostic said...

The bull was upset because he got a "C" on his Psych exam at York.

Anonymous said...

Cows loose in Queens?


That bovine bitch Claire Shulman has been letting loose all over our borough and our tax money is still paying to clean up her incompetent incontinence.

Take heart 'ol trail mates,
"She's headed for the last roundup".

Anonymous said...

The bull actually broke some of the glass doors on York College's Health/Phys Ed building.

Anonymous said...

The bull actually broke some of the glass doors on York College's Health/Phys Ed building.
---------------------------------- Oh I mean, that is too bad, so sad.