Monday, August 8, 2011

Lame Bklyn pols cave into Bloomberg

From the NY Post:

Two state legislators are relinquishing their power to keep more controversial high-rise housing from being built at the new Brooklyn Bridge Park, under a deal with the city to be signed today, The Post has learned.

When the city last year took control of the project from the state, it agreed to give veto power over housing to the two local legislators, state Sen. Daniel Squadron and Assemblywoman Joan Millman, both Democrats.

Both pols have now agreed not to use it to keep hundreds of apartments planned within the park from being built, sources said.

In exchange, 40,000-square-feet will be shaved off one high rise set for John Street in DUMBO, and two other planned buildings within the park at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Heights could be shrunk or eliminated through a formula involving properties owned by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

The deal helps ensure the stalled 85-acre waterfront project gets fully built, but news of it still left some community activist shocked and furious last night.

Both Squadron and Millman were carried into new terms, in part, after campaigning heavily against the city’s plans to add more housing.

From the NY Post:

The city has begun soliciting proposals from developers interested in building a 180-unit condo tower and a 225-room hotel at Pier 1 on the Brooklyn Heights waterfront.

The development would take place on the former site of the Cold Storage Warehouse buildings, which the city plans to lease to a developer who’d build and operate the new structures.

The move comes two days after the city reached a deal for additional housing to be built within the park at two other sites, helping ensure enough revenues are generated so the entire 85-acre waterfront park project can be completed.

The new Pier 1 projects will include interior parking spaces and ground-floor public restrooms.


Gary the said...

Well, we now know where some campaign contributions are going.

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joe the bartender said...
And you hit the bottle too early.

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