Monday, August 8, 2011

Addabbo Bridge a garbage dump

From The Forum:

The north and south ends of the Joseph P Addabbo Bridge, which connects Howard Beach with Broad Channel has once again become a source of disgust and frustration residents on both sides of the span. Cyclists are complaining about bags of garbage that block their path and those using the bridge to fish say motorists are driving by and throwing their garbage bags onto the road as they cross the bridge.

Motorists? It's the fishermen. I've seen them do it personally.


Anonymous said...

Have the Sanitation polce sit on it......good old fashioned uc work

Anonymous said...

Hoe befitting.

Anonymous said...

In considerate drivers toss empty soda cans out the window along with McDonald's wrappers, not big sacks of trash. What you see in the picture is illegal dumping, probably commercial trash.

Anonymous said...

Huh? Fisherman hike out to the middle of the bridge with bags of garbage? Ass hole drivers don't do any of this?

Anonymous said...

"Motorists? It's the fishermen. I've seen them do it personally."

I've seen all types of people litter.
Where is the enforcement of our litter laws ? What I see most is smokers throwing out of their moving cars lit cigarettes while I'm driving behind them in my convertible. What a bunch of pigs some New Yorkers have become !

Queens Crapper said...

The fishermen fish on the bridge. They start the day with empty garbage bags, fill them up throughout the day, and then tie them closed and leave them in the lane for sanitation to pick up. Let's remember commercial streets are not being picked up as often as they used to. Drivers are not throwing garbage bags out their windows. Common sense, people!

Anonymous said...

Not only garbage - this scene is a gang & drug spot at night (where the ped bridge is).

I don't know why the cops aren't cleaning this place up. Who do we beg to? Councilman Or Assemblyperson ?

Precinct meetings?