Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mr. Clean?

From the NY Times:

Of the more than 170 people named to one of Mr. Cuomo’s 7 transition committees or his new council of economic advisers, 84 are registered lobbyists or work for businesses, trade associations or labor unions that lobbied state government last year, according to a review of state lobbying records.

Collectively, those groups spent more than $22 million on lobbying last year, on issues like whether grocery stores should be allowed to sell wine and whether individual state universities should be allowed to set their own tuition.

At least 43 committee members personally contributed money to Mr. Cuomo’s campaign for governor during this election cycle, according to campaign finance records. Their contributions in total represent more than $826,000 of Mr. Cuomo’s fund-raising. More than half of those donors have given over $10,000, including the financier Jeffrey Leeds, who gave $55,790; and a lawyer, Abby S. Milstein, who gave $50,000.

Thirty-five others work for companies or unions that have contributed to Mr. Cuomo directly or through political action committees — more than $933,000 in total contributions.

The inclusion of so many donors and lobbyists reflects a familiar paradox for incoming governors and other elected officials: Those people with the most knowledge about government and the biggest Rolodexes of recruitable talent are often the same people with a substantial stake in the outcome of governmental decisions, whether it is the budget, other legislation or regulation.

The contradiction is particularly acute for Mr. Cuomo, an insider’s outsider who has sworn to remake New York’s troubled state government. Many of his transition advisers are members of the Albany establishment, though Mr. Cuomo has pledged to upend that very system.


Anonymous said...

Nice work, how do I get work as a lobbyist? thanks Crappy.

Steve Behar said...

The lobbyists and special interests OWN the Assembly seat in District 26.

Steve Behar said...

Until we get rid of the influence of the millions of $$ being spent by lobbyists and special interest to buy and own our elected officials we will never reform anything and we will never be able to really balance a budget.

Anonymous said...

So what? Both political parties do this ALL THE TIME at state and federal levels. My fellow countrymen, I beg of you: wake up. Democrats and Republicans don't give a FUCK about you.

Canchita said...

I think I can no longer consider myself a democrat and it's probably not even worth bothering to go out and vote. They sell us out one way or another. I wonder if the election process in Sudan will be this corrupt.

Anonymous said...

try the tea party ....middle america has. 65 politicians in D.C. are leaving town soon.
the chickens have come home to roost.....

sad that none are from n.y.c.....the electorate like corrupt dictatorship too much in this town.