Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sidewalk police hit the Bronx while DOT neglects Queens

From WPIX:

A sidewalk showdown is forming on a picturesque, dead end street in the Bronx. Neighbors received a notice of violation from the NYC Department of Transportation for defective sidewalks because there are no sidewalks. PIX 11's Greg Mocker took a look around.

The city tells Mocker a DOT Inspector was in the area investigating missing curbs when the inspector noticed the missing sidewalks. The area in question is a small stretch of Arlington Avenue at 227th Street. Neighbors say their houses, built more than 60 years ago, never had sidewalks. Portions of the neighborhood with newer homes do have them.

In New York City, homeowners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks on their property.

The neighbors have 45 days to ask for a re-inspection. The city could complete the work and send neighbors the bill.

From WPIX:

Inspectors with the New York City Department of Transportation have been issuing broken sidewalk violations to property owners. Neighbors have been contracting PIX 11's Greg Mocker to with questions about the process and the law.

The city issued a notice of violation in October to Glen Oaks Village in Queens. Neighbors have been ordered to repair more than 4,000 square feet of broken sidewalks, some of which are former bus stops.

Glen Oaks Village President Bob Friedrich says, "We were one of the communities that lost their bus stop in July. We loose our buses and then they come in and give us a violation for the bus stop they never took care of."


Anonymous said...

Love it!! ....but hasn't Riverdale been landmarked?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Crappy -- Try the NYC piece of land that runs between 168th Street and 170th Street on Goethals Avenue in Hillcrest Estates! Does the WPIX fellow read Queens Crap?

Anonymous said...

Mocker would have a field day if he went to the St. Saviour's site in Maspeth. Broken or missing sidewalk around most of the block and dumping inside the lot.

Anonymous said...

Half of Whitestone has no sidewalk, especially the Cresthaven development, and the homes along 3rd avenue from the Whitestone Bridge all the way to Powells Cove Blvd. We have complained numerous times and nothing gets done.

Whitestone Taxpayers has been contacted and they have done nothing about it. CB 7 has been called on it and nothing. Both claim that it is a Country community and thus allowed to have no sidewalk. So let the kids on bikes walk in the streets and risk their lives.

The only group that I contacted that took an interest was Malba Gardens Civic, I heard about them and their concern for the kids in the area from some of my neighbors, who told me they had a role in getting the playground in our park moved and a new one built, I also heard about their traffic problem and the fact that their children are put in harms way every day and they have been relentless. I emailed them, they responded within one day, I met with Mr. Centola their president and he was in agreement.

I heard his organization then contacted Whitestone Taxpayers, CB 7, and the Councilmans office.

My point is this is all over our neighborhood, no sidewalks, new developments and new homes being built with no sidewalk and no one cares. The whole Cresthaven development, most of 3rd avenue, and the area by Boosters beach, what are they waiting for? A DOT bigshot or DEP higher up live in the area in Question? Maybe a CB manager from another Community? Maybe a Civic leader or two? Maybe all the above.

So to hell with safety, NO SIDEWALKS FOR YOU.

Anonymous said...

This Greg Mocker guy is some hipster/transplanter douchebag who lives in Bushwick.

I was walking down Grand Street in Bushwick/East Williamsburg and see his queer ass over there.

Anonymous said...

He lives in Bushwick. The horror, the horror. As if that matters.

Queens Crapper said...

Knock off the homophobic comments. It has no bearing on the subject matter of this post. And I think he lives in Queens based on something he wrote to me in an e-mail. Not that it matters.

Malba Gardener said...
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Malba Gardener said...

Yes I remember you, and when our Our organization questioned the lack of sidewalks we were told that Whitestone is a "Country setting" neighborhood thus, allowed not to have sidewalks. When we questioned why the 100 or so new homes in the Cresthaven Development and the other new homes built in the neighborhood were allowed to be built without sidewalks, we were told that the same rule applied.

Maybe know that some light has been shed on this issue, maybe we can put some pressure on the CB and Newly elected officials and see if something can be done.

Our area has been bombarded with development and what was once a "Country Setting" is no more. Too many homes with children and a Ton of Traffice does not mesh with the no sidewalk policy.

We unfortunately lost your email address, pleas email us with your contact information so we can further discuss a plan of action to remedy your issue.