Saturday, December 11, 2010

Counterfeit goods seller busted

From Douglaston Patch:

A 48-year-old Bellerose woman has been convicted of selling counterfeit handbags and sneakers bearing the logos of a number of popular, and often expensive, brand names in northeast Queens, the Queens district attorney said.

Ai Zhang, of 82-05 County Pointe Circle in Bellerose, was convicted yesterday before Queens Supreme Court Justice James Griffin on five charges of trademark counterfeiting following a two-week jury trial, Queens DA Richard Brown said.

The defendant, who will return to court on Dec. 20 for sentencing, faces up to 15 years in prison, the DA said.

Zhang sold fake Coach, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Nike products from a store located at 161-11 Jamaica Ave., the DA said. The total street value of items recovered by police is estimated at more than $175,000, he said.


Anonymous said...

Chelly, massageee (young girl good), rolex, coach bags.


Anonymous said... expected....Chinese of course!

Give him 2 concurrent from column "A" and one from column "B"!

Spend velly rong time in jail!

Anonymous said...

I predict probation, however much we hope for the day she arrives at prisoner intake.

Coach, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Nike are just not sympathetic victims.

Joe said...

This could all be avoided if Obama grew some balls. Start slapping China with fines and import taxes for turning a blind eye to this shit for the past 20+ years.

$30 Rolex's are still available in Chinatown and Main Street Flushing

panzer65 said...

She looks like a Back and Wacker.

Anonymous said...

This could all be avoided if Obama grew some balls.

Didn't you hear and see Obama turn over the Presidency (he had to join Michele at a party) to Bill Clinton you gave a 45 min talk promoting his position of extending the tax cuts across the board.

This woman is 1 of thousands selling this stuff. Ther are countless Nigerians sell ugly fake Fendi & Louis Vittion bags on the streets.

Anonymous said...

And no taxes paid! everytime i see the pricks sell dvd''s,i call 911.

Anonymous said...

Who buys the counterfeit products? Oops! Tourists and people of all ethnicities. I guess they should arrest most women carrying fake L&V bags. Kind of cool to have cops stop you and ask your wife to hand over her fake bag.

Anonymous said...

I remember when those fake bags used to be in every store in Chinatown. Not anymore.