Thursday, December 9, 2010

Community protests NYU expansion

From NY1:

More than a hundred Greenwich Village residents and a half-dozen elected officials huddled around the Fiorello LaGuardia statue Sunday to protest NYU's plans to expand its campus in the Village.

"We believe very strongly that NYU must finally learn to coexist, not overwhelm this community," said Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer

Two weeks ago, members of Manhattan's Community Board 2 passed a resolution opposing the university development proposal called "NYU 2031." Part of that plan called for the university to put up new buildings in the Village on seven strips of city-owned land totaling more than two acres.

Residents insist that part of the plan be scrapped because they would like to see the Parks Department turn the strips into permanent parkland.

"It's being used as public land now. It has been since the 60s when these spaces were first created," said Community Board 2 Member Jo Hamilton. "There's no reason why it shouldn't officially become parkland. We shouldn't be moving Mr. Fiorello LaGuardia in order to have an NYU building there."


Anonymous said...

Park land would be a very nice addition to the community but don't count on it.

Nowadays, an available plot of land in the city isn't safe from the clutches of greedy developers.

Anonymous said...

Who is protesting this the NYU professors? Without NYU's presence that area would have remained a big slum ( think ABC streets) and SOHO non-existent.

I don't think they should be stomping on their neighbors, but they should conform to the neighborhood just like any other business or developer.

Anonymous said...

It's all for show. Look at who is there: Jerrold Nadler, Scott Stringer, Tom Duane and to his left Jo Hamilton (close crony of Christine Quinn). These are all sell-outs on most really important issues. Yes, Duane is a sell-out to developers as well. As issues go, this was not that important and it's easy for them to show up.

Anonymous said...

looks like they need a "MANDINGO".....