Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bloomberg: election reformer

From the NY Post:

A group of elected officials and voting advocates said New York is among the least voter-friendly states in the nation and called for reforms like early voting, same-day registration and allowing New Yorkers to fill out ballots at home.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and several state legislators joined civic groups and activists Monday at City Hall, citing New York’s ranking as 47th among the states in average voter turnout for the last three state and federal election cycles.

To increase voter participation, the group wants New York to join other states that have passed measures to make voting more convenient and easier.

Bloomberg called the ideas “common sense things that other states and municipalities have done.”

“Not doing them is an outrage,” he added.

Some of the proposals on Bloomberg’s wish list have been introduced or debated in recent years and have not gotten far in the state legislature, including the concept of early voting, an option offered in 35 states.

Public interest organizations said pushing election law reforms has historically been difficult in Albany, where some lawmakers worry that increased voter participation could weaken their own power.

Dick Dadey, of the group Citizens Union, said some state legislators “fear people participating, because the more people participate, the less likely they control the outcome.”

Something about the words "Bloomberg" and "election reform" just don't go together. Oh yeah, it's that whole term limits thing from a couple of years ago.


Anonymous said...

"common sense things..."

Whenever Bloomberg says this, you know what follows is total crap.

Gary the Agnostic said...

That is one scary picture.

Anonymous said...

Election reform, in Dem controlled NYC & NYS are you nuts - why change a sure thing?

Anonymous said...

Bloomburg on reform is like letting the fox watch the chicken cooop.

Velvethead said...

A perfect photo of the Vampire he is.
Move over Christopher Lee.

Anonymous said...

The reason people don't vote anymore is because when we do vote for things like term limits and the mayor doesn't like the outcome, he simple changes it. Why should we bother if our vote won't really count?