Thursday, September 9, 2010

North Shore Towers playing favorites?

From the Daily News:

BEHIND THE locked gates of North Shore Towers in Floral Park is more than some of the most exclusive real estate in eastern Queens.

There's also a potential gold mine of votes.

But some candidates running for the 26th Assembly seat, which includes North Shore Towers, said those gates are more open to some than others.

Candidates and residents said access to the complex is tightly controlled by Murray Lewinter, a former assemblyman and lobbyist who lives there and runs its political action committee. A candidate's forum in May included only two candidates: Ed Braunstein, who has the backing of the Queens Democratic Party, and Republican Vince Tabone. A video of that forum is still being replayed on the complex's in-house channel.

The three other Democrats on the Sept. 14 Primary ballot - Steve Behar, John Duane and Elio Forcina - were not invited.

North Shore Towers has a large population of older Jewish voters - an important voting bloc to elected officials. Mayor Bloomberg and others have often visited to court votes during campaign season.

Photo from Forgotten NY.


FlooshingRezident said...

That's considered exclusive real estate? They look like Chicago projects.

Anonymous said...

Its exclusive because old jews say it is, and we must always do what the old jews want.

Anonymous said...

many "alta kakkas" (Yiddish translation: "old shit") live there.

It's a sequestered enclave with its (rather large by today's local standards) own movie theater and restaurant.

A lot of Jamaica's older Jews moved there when "Jewish Jamaica" was under the onslaught of a burgeoning "Black" Jamaica.

It was practically built for them....considered hugely over-sized by many at the time.... and totally out of character with the surrounding neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

It's probably the largest affluent Jewish "retirement" home in Queens.

Maybe Senator Toby Ann will move in soon if she cleans up her act, otherwise she might not be accepted.

We heard that someone who once visited her current apartment was shocked by it's unsanitary shoddiness.

H-m-m-m....maybe that's why few (if anyone) ever gets admitted to her district office.

Joe said...

I beleive the road in the photo was once part of the Long Island Motor Parkway.

Alta Kakkas, yep !
They sold their propertys in Great Neck to Iranians who knock down every tree, house & fight with everbody.
That pinnunsula has become a war zone.

Anonymous said...

The Long Island Motor Parkway ran well to the south of Union Turnpike in that area. It would have crossed Union Turnpike over by Creedmore.

Anonymous said...

Is not Co-op/Condo dictatorship grand?

Anonymous said...

This is grade-A crap. More croney-ism from braunstein and co. It's absolutely slimy of him to be running as a "reformer" when he is anything but. His lobbyist buddies at parkside sure bought him a nice election, too bad he'll never wash off their stink.

Anonymous said...

Would you believe this started as rentals? Then went to condo very shortly after. There still are a few rentals holding out. Guess Jamaica Estates moved in there.

Anonymous said...

Is Braunstein still pretending to be Jewish? Maybe he more a yarmulke when he went to North Shore Towers.

Joe said...

Friend of mine maintains some of the communication on the roof of those towers.
On certain days it takes him an hour to get up there. Those people have most the lights out in the building and the elevators automaticly stopping on every floor.
If somebody had a emergency like a hear attack forgetabout it

sk said...

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for building managers to play favorites in political races.

Last week, I was delivering absentee ballot envelopes to several elderly Russian voters at the Bnai Brith apartments on Elder Avenue in Flushing.

The doorman accused me of trying to sign up seniors for a scam, and refused to let me, threatening to call the police.

I calmly told the doorman and his manager that each absentee envelope has a name on it, and I must carefully explain to each recipient which forms to sign.

They called the police anyway, so I had a resident escort me in, as her personal guest. I then distributed the envelopes to each voter.

The seniors told me that the management probably supports Toby Stavisky, and fears the pro-Sasson immigrant voters living in the apartment complex.

For some reason, Queens Crap hasn't really been covering the Sasson-Stavisky-Messer race. Why?

Between anonymous attack ads, illegal street postering, false endorsements, there should be enough material for the borough's crappy bloggers.