Thursday, September 9, 2010

Landmarked Brooklyn buildings falling down

From The Brooklyn Paper:

Three buildings on historic Old Fulton Street will be demolished if owners don’t fix them up.

The city last month put a vacate order on 11, 13 and 15 Old Fulton Street — adjacent to the infamous Grimaldi’s pizza and directly under the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO — because the structures had “significant structural defects on the rear wall of the entire building.”

Now, the Department of Buildings and Landmarks Preservation Commission are keeping a close watch as they negotiate with owners to get the gutted buildings fixed.

So far, those negotiations have been sour. Landmarks ordered the building repaired in 2009, but it took the threat of demolition for owners to finally put up scaffolding — the first step in what could be a big restoration project, Department of Buildings officials said.

The vacate order was likely no surprise to the owners, given that the city has received 14 complaints and wrote a handful of violations since 2004 because of the buildings’ failed structural integrity.


velvethead said...

Landmarked. There is nothing even remotely architectually appealing about those three tenements. Drop 'em and start anew.

Anonymous said...

This has been going on since 2004?

New York has truly decayed along a downward spiral because of Bloomberg's disastrous policies and the evidence is all around us on an ongoing basis and growing rapidly. These aren't the only landmarks that are sitting and rotting amongst us. They are all over and they sit side by side by the glut of foreclosed construction sites that once house middle income people's homes and their JOBS.

And to think the republican newbies voted this piece of shit back in against the wishes of native New Yorkers i the midst of their real estate bubble fiasco.

Time to leave. This city is forever ruined and truly hopeless. No jobs, no affordable homes, no hope.

Let's see you fill this Freedom Tower with your billionaire scumbag corporate swine, you Wall Street ball licking bastard.