Thursday, June 17, 2010

The truth about Pistilli Riverview East

Hey, when you aren't getting anywhere by writing letters or making phone calls, why not blog about your problems so the whole world can read about them?

Check out The Truth About Pistilli Riverview East.


Anonymous said...

After the building looses what freshness is left this might happen.

1. Units purchased on speculation. Perhaps the money is hot - who knows?

2. Then 6 or 7 guest workers per apartment (funny how the census person is not let in already)

3. Guest worker barracks in 5 years!

(now repeat in Dutch Kills hotels, 31st Street apartment buildings, Queens Plaza 'condos.'

But not to worry. Vallone's new zoning has saved the neigborhood, right?)

The Vallonezone said...

Anonymous said...

Who in the right mind would buy a apartment in an old manufacturer of light switches and electrical components. Surely, mold isn't the only toxin in the air.