Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shocking video of 2-year old Middle Village fire

From the NY Post:

Two human fireballs burst out a door and one collapses to the sidewalk, writhing in agony.

The other remains standing and runs into a deli for help -- trailing flames.

A terrified woman plunges to her death from a third-floor window to escape the inferno.

These horrifying scenes were all in a video shown yesterday to the Queens jury that will decide the fate of a woman who allegedly set her ex-boy friend on fire in a jealous rage and then accidentally torched herself.

As the astonishing video unreeled, Agnes Bermudez -- accused of killing ex-lover William Salazar in a horrific 2008 Father's Day blaze that also took the lives of three other people -- hunched her shoulders and wept as numbed jurors watched stone-faced.

The first nightmarish frames show the couple bursting out of the three- story building on 69th Street near Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village and Bermudez, 50, falling to the ground.


georgetheatheist said...

There'll be a hot time in the old town tonite.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck, what the fuck, WHAT THE FUCK.

Stop drop and roll? HOLY SHIT.

Speechless..... Seeing that lady just lay there and take the flames is ridiculous. Seriously, speechless.

Anonymous said...

Fucking epic stuff right there.

There's a gutterpuddle 5 yards away. I know that shit is grimy, but who here wouldn't roll in a gutter if they were a walking fireball?

Anonymous said...

that was crazy!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the guy told her towards the end of the video lol

Anonymous said...

Who lives by the sword dies by the sword. I hope she is burned plenty.

Anonymous said...

The scariest thing is that, my cousins just moved into the apartment right next door. There is no fire escapes in those apartments. Those apartments should be closed down.