Monday, June 14, 2010

Sheriff can't find Shaya

From the Daily News:

An embattled developer has pulled a disappearing act, a frustrated condo owner charges.

A Boerum Hill couple successfully sued developer Shaya Boymelgreen over construction problems in their building, but he won't pay up - and not even the sheriff can track him down.

"It is looking like he has disappeared," said Paul Bright, 32, who won an $1,800 judgment against Boymelgreen in October.

Bright, an art dealer, and his wife, Mandy Lyons, moved into their Smith St. condo in 2008. An unfinished ventilation unit under their window caused ear-splitting noise, but the developer ignored requests to fix it, Bright charged.

"It was just loud. It was all the time," Bright said. "We made numerous, numerous complaints to Boymelgreen. They laughed it off. They did not take it seriously at all."

After a year and a half of complaining, Bright sued Boymelgreen in Small Claims Court. Only then did the ventilation system get fixed - but a judge awarded him $1,800 to pay for tests he'd had done to prove the unit violated federal noise rules.

"As soon as they lost the judgment, they disappeared," Bright said. "They completely just ignored calls, they ignored e-mails.

"They have absolutely no intention of paying," he said.

After three months, Bright called the sheriff's office to get the judgment enforced - but officials said they couldn't find Boymelgreen either. "They said that without finding the guy, there's nothing you can do," Bright said.


Anonymous said...

Check Israel.....he probably has a home and/or relatives there.

Anonymous said...

Shaya owns big bucks buildings that are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. IS this guy going to be considered a fugitive if he does not answer judgments?

Anonymous said...

Call 1-800-ISRAEL. I'm sure he has a sprawling estate there with all the money he made in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Check Israel.....he probably has a home and/or relatives there.

Hmmm, I bet he is an Israel citizen too. I happen to know a few Israelis living in Brooklyn with US citizenship.