Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Projects around Jamaica Station not dead yet

From the Times Ledger:

A weak economy may have delayed two projects aimed at improving downtown Jamaica, but developers said they are still moving forward with their plans.

The Greater Jamaica Development Corp. updated Community Board 12 May 19 about three developments that are in various stages.

Although two of the undertakings — a complete redesign of the transit hub at Archer Avenue and Sutphin Boulevard and an extension of Atlantic Avenue — are still months away from construction, Peter Engelbrecht, Greater Jamaica’s director of planning, design and capital projects, said he was confident they would be a reality.

Engelbrecht said construction on the Sutphin Underpass project has been moving along well and when it was ready would offer commuters and residents a new, mini shopping center that would enhance the area right near the Jamaica Long Island Rail Road and Air Train stations.

But progress was not the same for the remaining enhancement projects, according to Engelbrecht, because of funding issues. The Station Plaza transit project and the Atlantic Avenue construction were supposed to be funded by federal, state and city budgets, according to Jessica Pavone of the city Economic Development Corp., but the recession put those projects on hold.

P.S. Here's what Jamaica Station looked like 100 years ago:


Anonymous said...

Sinking good money in this bad area is time proven to be a failure. It's not the people who live in this area, it's the type development that is brought here by the City / State - government offices and seemingly temporary welfare type handouts that work exceedingly well before an election and withdrawn afterwards. What is proven, police and fire services are the answer to building a good commercial and residential center to lure private buisnesses with a small subsidy from the State. They hire staff and folks frequent the area stores because they are safe. Other businesses follow because they await the results of the pioneers. All people want safety and basic services and businesses that cater to their needs. Athis area deserves it and the City / State should get back to basics instead of trowing away money.

Anonymous said...

I've never been in an area where such a high percentage of the shops keep their employees and merchandise behind plexiglass as the area around Jamaica Sta.

jake said...

Atlas Concrete Ready Mix NYC
95-11 147th Pl
Jamaica, Queens, NYC
This concreate company above located in this neighbourhood needs to be re-located immediately, since it's an eye soar in this place.With the current developement going on i support it 100%.This particular Copmany (Atlas)is destroying, we the residence Homes,Vehicle with fumes,dust,cement,stones,sand huge trucks,noise, dirty sidewalks, dirty street etc. They DO NOT contribute anything towards this community.It is a shame for the State/City to have them here.
It is with deep concern to know/see the kids and the elderly cannot even play nor be in their own yard.Many times the trucks are parked on the sidewalk and we have to walk on the street to get by. The respective authority need to give this situation immediate attention.