Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lax security at CitiField

From Fox 5:

This Fox 5 report is not about security checkpoints where fans enter from all around the stadium, but instead it is about security checkpoints where Citi Field workers enter. One worker told Fox 5 he is concerned for his own safety along with thousands of fans on game day.

Trying to bring anything illegal past a security checkpoint at a Mets home game at Citi Field in Flushing, Queens, could mean jail time and fines. From pat downs and bag searches, security here is extremely tight. But if you walk just a few yards away from the left field entrance, there's an entrance for Citi Field workers only.

It's a spot where hundreds and hundreds of employees from concessions to cleaning crews gain access to the stadium. And according to a number of these employees, security here needs to be stepped up.

A source told Fox 5 News that there are no metal detectors, no pat downs, and barely any bag checks for employees, which raises security concerns for those employees and fans alike.


Anonymous said...

I hear the Met's owners are really cheap since building and opening the stadium which has not met expectations in ticket sales and concession revenues. Worse they have now banned the ushers from cleaning a seat for the customer and prohibit tipping for ushers and all other employees. Having an entrance for employees that does not check for illegal items is just another cheap way to save money and are cutting costs in other fan and employee area that are detrimental to the baseball experience that folks come to enjoy or those trying to earn a living wage at Citifield.

Anonymous said...

If anything, security is excessive. I couldn't bring in my Coke can because this is a Pepsi stadium.

Instead of looking for knives and guns, the security agents are more concerned about contraband food.

On each of my visits, I alternate between being a vegan, kosher, and allergic, as an excuse to bring in my own food and avoid buying Citi Field's overpriced food.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, some of that overpriced food is the best thing going at that shitty stadium. At least they offer something other than than wrinkly hot dogs and soggy fries.

Anonymous said...

Why would you have to feign a food allergy/preference? You can bring any type of food into Citifield. ANYTHING!

You can bring sealed bottles of soda,water etc. It saves me a TON of money. Dont be suckered into by overpriced crap.

Anonymous said...

The Mets have a new rule that only lets us bring in factory sealed bottles of water 20 oz or less.

We HAVE to complain to the Mets about the liquid policy.

I know you might think I am crazy, but when enough people complain to the Mets, they give in. Look at the lack of team history, Ebbets Club etc.