Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jack Eichenbaum is new borough historian

From the Daily News:

A SELF-PROCLAIMED "urban explorer" who leads walking tours around Queens will be revealed today as the next borough historian, the Daily News has learned.

Jack Eichenbaum, 67, was chosen for the prestigious post to advocate for historic preservation and research, according to sources close to the decision.

The retired city assessor is set to be introduced to the media during a 3:30 p.m. news conference at Borough Hall in Kew Gardens.

Borough historians do not collect salaries, but they often use their official positions as a bully pulpit to document and save under-appreciated sites.

Bah, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!! Is that what they do? Here I thought their job was to keep mum while Borough Hall allowed the sites to be developed into crap.


Anonymous said...

"Here are Bangladeshis! Here are Tasmanian Tigers! Here are Equadorians! Here are Sponges! Here are Ghanans! Here are Siamese!"

That is why he got it.

Anonymous said...

Third borough historian from Flushing.

Anonymous said...

See, they're eating live octopi!

Timothy said...


Anonymous said...

Never heard of him. Will Eichenbaum take on the Beep for her silence on the Civic Virtue statue, the NYS Pavilion, and St. Saviour's?

Here's hoping for an activist historian.

Anonymous said...

OMG here is that dirty word 'hope.'


Anonymous said...

LOL...he beat out Kroessler?
That must have burned Jeff's ass.

What a mediocre choice we were offered to begin with.

Wadda ya expect...this is Queens...the laughing stock of NYC!

now I wonder if Dr. Jack will be increasing his rates for his crumby walking tours.

Did you ever take one?

He's always making errors.

Anonymous said...


Jack's predecessor, Stan Cogan, lived in Bayside.

And Stan's predecessor, Hank Ludder, lived in Whitestone.

I don't know who preceded Hank or where he lived.

Timothy said...

I've been on a few of his tours. While his information on geography is interesting, his history knowledge is severely lacking. And he's kind of a dick.