Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Como taking on Addabbo

From City Hall:

What a difference 30 hours can make.

In the space of that time, former Council Member Anthony Como went from confirming with City Hall on Sunday afternoon that he would not be a State Senate candidate, to being convinced by a deluge of calls from some of the state’s top Republicans, his county chair and constituents that he would, in fact, begin collecting petitions to challenge Joe Addabbo in Queens as early as Tuesday.

“It’s 10:30 at night, I’m talking to you, and I basically an hour-and-a-half ago decided that this city and state can use me in the 15th Senate District,” Como told City Hall late into the evening on Monday.

Como attributed his decision in large part to the response to a City Hall article from Monday morning that explained what had been his decision to skip the Senate race to focus on trying to be selected as the new executive director of the city Board of Elections. Though Como said state GOP chair Ed Cox was not among those who reached out, Queens GOP chair Phil Ragusa was, as were State Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos, Senate Republican Campaign Committee (SRCC) chair Tom Libous and Brooklyn State Sen. Marty Golden.

Golden: "Anthony, your last name is Como. Remember, voters in that district thought you were Mario's boy back in 2008."

Ragusa: "Yeah, Tony, his name is at the top of the ticket this time. This can only help you."

Skelos: "Just don't debate Joe and you'll be fine...."

Frank Lloyd Crap: "YES!!!"

Aaaaand Tom Ognibene is running for Lieutenant Governor.


Anonymous said...

If Como promises not to vote for Espada, Malcolm, and Sampson into leadership posts then I may vote for him.

His slogan should be, 'I did not vote for Espada or Malcolm Smith'.

He'd win on that slogan! Big time!

Anonymous said...

If Tom Ognibene is running w/ Paladino, then the Haggertys can't be far behind. The only question is how soon will John be indicted?

Anonymous said...

NY Times says soon.

Anonymous said...

In all honestly, despite is corpulence and his tweeding, he HAS to be better than Adabbo. Joey boy slept while hospital after hospital was shut down. Don't think that would have happened had Maltese won in '08

Queens Crapper said...

Yeah, what would Serf have done? I didn't see any clamoring by Senate Republicans about the hospitals shutting down.

Sarah said...

These two are such political lightweights this is almost laughable. Como is lucky if he gets 30% in November and Tom wont even make it on the ballot. Embarrassing

Anonymous said...

That which caused hospital closings to finally occur was the result of the cumulative policy decisions during many years of Republican rule in NYS.

Anonymous said...

Light is the last thing that Como is, he has a large presence as NJ Governor christ Christie.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Tom Ognibene have his like 12th Heart attack recently. Why would he run for anything and aggravate himself?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Addabbo - A Democrat in office when St.John's shut down. Wait a minute, don't Demnocrats have the majority also? Yet, you continue to blame Republicans-Guess what-Blame yourself.

Anonymous said...

Queens Crapper, sorry to say but the blogger is right-St. John's and maybe others would not have closed if Sen Maltese and a few others with longevity had still been in office.