Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Friedrich vs. Weprin, Chapter 3

From the Times Ledger:

Bob Friedrich is hoping the third time will be the charm.

The Glen Oaks Village president launched his campaign last week for state Assemblyman David Weprin’s (D-Little Neck) seat representing the 24th Assembly District, which he lost when he ran against the lawmaker in a special election earlier this year.

He also made a failed attempt last year to win the seat now held by City Councilman Mark Weprin (D-Oakland Gardens).

Friedrich, a Democrat, ran against David Weprin on the Republican line. He will run on the Democratic ticket in the primary this September.

The president of Glen Oaks Village and a longtime civic activist, Friedrich announced his election bid Saturday and said he believes this time around will be different because of a “strong anti-incumbent sentiment.” Additionally, he noted there is no third candidate, which he said took votes away from him when he and Swaranjit Singh were in the race with Mark Weprin for the City Council.

“We need to elect leaders who have worked in the private sector running businesses, employing people and creating jobs, not career politicians like the Weprins, who have spent 36 years on the public payroll,” said Friedrich, an accountant. “It’s time to give them a reality check and send them back to the private sector, where they can look for a job like New Yorkers who are unemployed in a state whose economy is bankrupt with a $9.5 billion deficit.”


Anonymous said...

yeah okay so he ran as a democrta and got killed, ran as a far right winger on the republican line and got killed now he is running in a liberal democratic primary after being tagged for being anti-choice, pro-gun and anti-hate crime legislation.

geez, this guy really is a tool of Padavan.

Anonymous said...

I remember when this guy was a real civic leader. Now he is just a guy Padavan props up to get some votes in Glen Oaks.

Unfortunately for Bob, he will lose the primary (again) then Frank will make a fool of him (again) and put him on the Republican line (again) where he will get killed (again.)

Anonymous said...

Anyone see Colonel Klink Padavan out there with his phony uniform on Memorial Day ?

What a disgusting animal. Guy is a draft dodger.

Never served a day in his life. Joined the US Army Corps at 47 years old, after he was a State Senator, "stationed" at Fort Totten in Bayside.

Did it so he could draw a pension. And he has the balls to wear a uniform and parade around with real heroes.

He was getting his masters in Engineering during the War.

What a piece of excrement.

Anonymous said...

Weprin (both brothers) are lackeys of the Machine. What have they done to deserve their seats?
Anything is better than what we've go now.

Anonymous said...

Isn't he the guy who flip flopped on marriage equality to get the conservative party line and then lied about it? sounds like your typical politician to me.

Anonymous said...

He lives in Ann Marie Carozza's Assembly District ... how can he run in Weprin's??

Anonymous said...

He owns about 7 units at the coop some in Carozza and some in Weprin. Although he lives in carroza he is registered in weprin so that makes it legal. He bought the units when the coop was in bad financial shape. He is a smart businessman. We need smart investors like Bob in the legislature.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no.

We need guys like him to run cause thats how Weprin gets elected again.

Weprins campaign would NEVER, NEVER challenge this guys residency. Are you kidding ? The guy gets beat by 40 points each and every time.

A complete tool.

Anonymous said...

What a smarmy doofus!

He looks too much like Dennis Gallagher for any voter to trust him.

He'll be history once again!