Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby ravens are all grown up

Courtesy of 10000 Birds:

The first ever documented nesting of Common Ravens in New York City ended successfully, with all three nestlings becoming fledglings. The happy change in status from nest-bound birds to flappy free fliers occurred over the last week, with the birds leaving the nest on May 31 and walking along the water tower support on which their nest was built and gradually branching out from there. Yesterday morning, June 7, was the first day that no ravens were detected at the nest site, despite my assiduous efforts.


Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic but.. a sparrow flew into my house? how to get it out?
I hear it rustling under a desk. thanks

Anonymous said...

Get a cat.

Anonymous said...

I had to get a starling out. The best way is with a broom. When it flies to the top of the ceiling near one of your windows, open the window wide and sweep down until the frightened bird flies out.

Removing squirrels is a lot harder and I've had to do that too. At least birds don't have rabies.

Anonymous said...

They are not the first nor the only ones - there are quite a few in Elmhurst. Oh sorry, Elmhurst doesn't count right?

Patrick Sweeney said...


Helen said...

Good for ALL baby ravens and am hoping that the sparrow was removed safely.
This is way off topic but a family member once had to remove an American Eagle that had burst through his window in Alaska. A huge bird like that had to be handled with beach towels, bathrobes and suede gloves. Thankfully no one was hurt. Eagles are beautiful animals and tend to be a bit reckless in their hunting. Once saw a young one who was so intent on grabbing a fish that he got wet and had to swim back to shore!