Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vets to get a housing break

From the Daily News:

Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would jump to the head of waiting lists for scarce middle-class housing, if the City Council gets its way.

Now, preference for so-called Mitchell-Lama housing is given only to veterans of conflicts through the Vietnam War.

Newer vets are not getting the same benefit, said City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D-Manhattan).

Quinn and other sponsors said yesterday they hope to pass a resolution requesting the state pass a law giving modern-era vets the same housing perk.


LIno said...

It's a nice gesture but, I would caution anyone against the M-L prog rentals. These buildings still have leeches (landlord) and they have the option of buying out of the M-L program and charging "market" rents.

The Dem's in Albany are trying to come up with a bill to stop this, but of course the Rep's are anything that helps working people.

Anonymous said...

please define in detail how you classify "working people". be specific as to why you think the n.y.s. g.o.p. will oppose any people, who want housing?why do you think that only dem's approve of "working people", having a residence?

in the past ,have you encountered any corruption in the M/L programs? can you list ,if any occurred ?are some of the renters high salaried cheaters ?

were they dem. or g.o.p.? stop the class warfare.our citizens are going broke,from this government spending waste.

a vet ,who took advantage of his V.A. benefits and always paid his taxes. a home owner ,who has always "worked". i now pay 25.5% property tax since 2002, when the dem/lib n.y.c. CM, voted it in.
if the 2000 page dem. healthcare bill should pass the senate,who in this nation will pay for it? the freeloaders in the dem. party are headed for a 2012 election revolution !!!!!! R. Reagan 49, J Carter 1!!!!

Lino said...

In that this was Veteran's Day and you claim to be one, I'll refrain from giving my personal opinions of your post.


Yes, I know people living in M-L buildings --three couples and one single..the last is a wargaming friend of my Brother. He was also the one who tried to snow me with an argument against rent regulations while keeping an ML apt on the lower east side for which he paid apprx $460 and illegally sublet for $1100 plus "favors" from the young Asian girl who resided there.

The guy was arch conservative POS and management finally threw his coke-snorting ass out.

The three couples I know in the program all have some connection to our restaurants. The ML program allows them to enjoy a reasonable middle-class life without having to pay upwards of half their income on housing, or living out in the sticks.

As for "class warfare" -please, the right was long tried to stigmatize liberals as "un-American".

It was the criminal Richard Nixon that sicked hardhats on antiwar protesters.

Ronald Reagan was a fraud. He cut taxes across the board in 1981 then, less than two years later when his budget director told him that his huge arms buildup could not be financed w/out more revenues, the gimpper raised taxes...on the working and middle classes.

As for Albany Rep's sentiments regarding housing, do I need to itemize the times they have stymied repeal of the vacancy decontrol act they pushed through as soon as Potaki was elected. They pander to your ignorance and fears..but serve -only- their wealthy masters.


Anonymous said...

re; lino,......your comments seem to be slanted against the g.o.p. policies.
in a city of a 6 dem. to 1 republican registered voters,how can you be so biased.? is the corruption all Bush's fault?
so as to give our young citizens some balanced facts,i suggest that they see wikipedia :"weather underground"(bill ayers /b.dohrn /jeff jones,now advisors to the White House)....".Columbia university protests 1968,"....."Chicago Seven",1968 dem. convention riots.

the hardhats reacted to the pothead "so-called peace protestors", attempting to stop their work at construction sites, at columbia and n.y.u.

i was there .i did not see Richard Nixon in n.y.c.,at these sites.
re:1976-80,president J.carter...11% unemployment,19% interest rate.14% inflation.,B.C.C.I bank scandal, and 45 American hostages imprisoned by Iran Islamo-fascists.was carter a dem.? i beleve dem.Speaker of the House Rostenkowski, went to jail.
was R.Nixon ever convicted of your fantasy crime?

did the U.S.economy recover from 1980-1988?
R.Reagan:tear down this wall!!!!! freedom for europeans!!!!!!
i recall when n.y.c.(under koch,dem.) was near bankruptcy ,the Reagan administration sent financial aid.see":City for Sale"by Wayne Barret.
50( plus) n.y.c.commissioners indicted or convicted,were they not dems?

Lino said...

"re; lino,......your comments seem to be slanted against the g.o.p. policies."


"in a city of a 6 dem. to 1 republican registered voters,how can you be so biased.?"

-Try rereading my earlier points.

"is the corruption all Bush's fault?"

-Depends on what corruption we are talking about.

"so as to give our young citizens some balanced facts,i suggest that they see wikipedia :"weather underground""

You getting warn now..but add Stokley Carmichael..Tim Leary, Bobby Seale...And Richard Nixon and his "fourth Reich" of Halderman, Erlichman etc.

Oh and since we are trading Wiki hyperlinks

-This- was your hero's vision of America..Imperial Presidency complete w/banana republic uniforms for the White House guards.

"was R.Nixon ever convicted of your fantasy crime?"

trying semantics now..must be getting desperate. Nixon was informed that he would be impeached for the Watergate scandal and also might face jail for lying to Congress and obstructing justice. Most of his "reich" went to prision including that disgraceful VP Agnew who pleaded noel contendere to charges of tax evasion, fraud and extortion. Then he resigned. Later he was a registered agent for the Saudis...great patriot.

"did the U.S.economy recover from 1980-1988?
R.Reagan:tear down this wall!!!!! freedom for europeans!!!!!!"

Foam on are a waste of time.


Anonymous said...

re:LINO,THE LIAR.... your "big lie " comment on R.Nixon sicking hardhats on anti-war protesters,in n.y.c. it never happened. your credibility is zero.
the Q.C. post was specifically a n.y.c. location. your comments shifted to the scene. you could not find a local n.y.c., g.o.p. corruption crime.

you seem to emulate the Marxist tactic of changing the subject,when it is convenient for you.

shame on you for insinuating that a W.W.2 ,U.S.Navy
officer, was a nazi(national "socialist" party).(reich)

demonizing an opponent is a marxist tactic.are you a marxist? have you no shame ,LINO,THE LIAR ?

you added R.Nixon into the argument.would you prevent him from residing at the V.A.housing ?

the Q.C. jury will have to judge your honesty. they know who has corrupted n.y.c. they know it is one political party machine . to be continued!!!!!!!!!

BTW...if i had a hero ,i would put R.Reagan and John P.O'neill at the top of the list. the muslim islamo-facist terrorists would not be in Queens today. just ask Momar Q.( bomb in the tent)!!!!!!!!!!!!!