Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Truck sculpture spectacle

From Interactive Journalism:

Queens-based sculptor Sergio Furnari is constructing two life-sized sculptures of a 1932 photo showing 11 ironworkers taking a lunch break while building Rockefeller Center. Furnari and his team of workers are about a third of the way through the project. When the sculptures are complete, they will be displayed in a restaurant in Chicago with a 1930s motif.

These are the second and third sculptures Furnari has made of the photograph. He finished the first in 2001 shortly after 9/11. For five months in 2002, the original sculpture stood near the viewing platform by the World Trade Center site. In a week or so, the sculptures will look like the original, which now sits on top of the truck Furnari drives around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens while picking up materials.


georgetheatheist said...

Man, I love those old "newsboy" hats these construction workers wore. Not a baseball cap in sight! BTW, cowboys on ranches are increasingly doffing their Stetsons for BB caps.

Anonymous said...

copyright infringement... he doesn't hold the copyright

Liman said...

Look closely at the figure on the right. Look at what he's holding -a small liquor bottle. It's easier to see in the original photo, which you can find plenty of on line.

When men were men.

Anonymous said...

The Building on Your Head Party heartily endorses flasks in the pockets of all construction workers.

Building on Your Head--for a richer New York!