Friday, November 13, 2009

Queens Blvd mosque owner funneled money to Iran

From the Daily News:

Putting the squeeze on Tehran, the feds moved Thursday to seize a mosque in Queens and a Fifth Avenue skyscraper from a nonprofit organization suspected of secretly funneling money to Iran.

"The Alavi Foundation has effectively been a front for the government of Iran," said Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara, who sued to grab more than $500 million in assets.

Bharara said that for two decades, the Alavi Foundation has been secretly controlled by a series of Iranian ambassadors to the United Nations.

Foundation president Farshi Jahedi was charged last year with obstruction of justice for allegedly trying to destroy documents after receiving a grand-jury subpoena.
Apart from 650 Fifth Avenue, the feds announced they were going after the Imam Ali Mosque in Woodside as well as Islamic schools and centers in California, Maryland, Virginia and Texas that allegedly got funds from the Alavi Foundation.

And from the AP:

At the Islamic Institute of New York, a mosque and school in Queens, two U.S. marshals came to the door and rang the bell repeatedly. The marshals taped a forfeiture notice to the window and left a large document sitting on the ground. After they left a group of men came out of the building and took the document.

Woodside again, eh?


Lino said...

Islam, unfortunately has become cancerous within virtually all of it's host countries.

I have friends in the Philippines and a second residence in Bangkok (Th). Both of these countries have small but increasingly violent Muslim uprisings.

France with 15% Muslim has a looming disaster if they don't deal decisively with it.

Even here in New York State, an enclave of Islamics in upstate proposed integrating portions of Sharia "law" into their local covenants.

Both the Filipinos and Thais retain a knack and taste for going "old school" on their enemies..I don't know how Europe will deal with their threat within.

Anonymous said...

yeah, Woodside! Maybe some one wants to start looking into who really owns the apartment buildings there!

have to say it is being turned into a slum. food trucks on the street, day laborers, crap being sold on the sidewalks by illegal immigrants.

excuse me, but wasn't there something a while back called zero population growth? How come the Mexicans and other invaders never heard of it?

observe how the vibrant diversity likes to kill any trees on 61st Street.

Anonymous said...

Lino, I completely agree. People need to know that these are not isolated incidents. These fanatics are trained. In Queens, we are in Gathering Central. I KNOW THAT.

Lino, please give links to the enclaves you are referencing, it will go far to stop them.

Taxpayer said...


Check out the Philippine island of Mindanao, the southernmost island of the nation.

It has a very large Muslim population, and, during the 1970s, was, for a short time, occupied by uniformed soldiers from Qaddafi's Libya.

Ferdinand Marcos went on a land theft binge in the 1970s, stripping trees to the roots to sell to the wood-starved Japanese.

The stolen trees were taken from land long owned by farmers who were never compensated for so much as a leaf.

Until this period, the vastly large Christian population lived peacefully with the substantial Muslim people. Marriage and commerce was the order of the day.

Qaddafi and Iran's Ayatollah took the opportunity to inflame the Philippine Muslims while at the same time they the Jihadists were busy firing the flames that are burning today.

Anonymous said...

Time to check out all those Korean "churches" too!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure these Mosques are also exempt from certain taxes. Time for the government to take them and send these foreigners packing. It's also time to move the UN overseas. All these invaders want to set up shop here in America, make their money and send it home. Islam has already invaded Europe and are now set on taking over America. Very scary.

Anonymous said...

The history of the mosque on Queens Blvd. First it was a empty lot. Then the white brick structure for 20 years was built as a processing center for the John Hancock Insurance Company with its huge logo. For ten years, divided into commercial offices and some retail, I remember the Baldwin Piano Outlet Store. In the 70's the place was transfomed with the Shah's money into an Islamic Center. The then-mostly second-generation of European immigrant neighborhood thought it odd because no Muslims lived in the neighborhood at that time. I was invited in for a visit. At the time it was mostly a school and offices, with a very small place set aside for prayer. More like a prayer room than a mosque. Of course, post-Khomeni and during the hostage crisis it was a focus of what was called then "anti-Iranian backlash".

Some 20 years later, there was (and remain to a lesser extent) a lot of sharp elbows as the Hispanic, East Asian, South Asian, and Middle Eastern people flowed into Woodside to turn 1 and 2 family homes into 3 and 5 or more family units with the traffic and the Asia-fication and Mexi-fication of Woodside proceeded. Woodside is an address not a community. The same can be said of many neighborhoods in Queens. It's not as if they are failing to create a community outside their own ethnic enclave, they are largely limited by language and time available to do so, and don't see any need for it.

ew-3 said...

Since Iran is supporting forces against ours in Iraq, Afganistan, and elsewhere, it could be viewed that the people providing the funds as well as the mosque owner are guilty of treason.
If citizens try them.
If non-citizens, deport them.

Anonymous said...

In the early 1900's New york state had problems with European fanatics trying to get a foothold in this great country.The solution was our Gov't deported them back to there country and weren't aloud back.I suggest New york do the same again.

Anonymous said...

Wake up all you liberals!

Anonymous said...

The Muslims are invading our country just like they invaded Europe. The government needs to stop coddling these people and needs to stop being politically correct and clamp down on them. Only citizens should be allowed to own American properties and our immigration laws need to be enforced. I'd be very happy to deport all of them. If we don't do something soon, the Muslims will be the dominant force in the US. Remember their motto, "KILL THE INFIDELS."

Salvatore said...

OH PLEASE... So what?? The U.S. government militarily and economically aids dictatorships in Egypt and Saudi Arabia... yet, we say nothing because the media tells us that Iran is the problem. The U.S. government also aids militarily and economically the zionist state of Israel. All of this with U.S. taxpayer money! So, a mosque wants to send money to a few ngos, lets get over it. Nothing to see here. Move on.

Anonymous said:

"The Muslims are invading our country just like they invaded Europe."

Well... how ignorant we can be.. If only history was emphasized in our educational system...

Europe invaded the "Middle East," just as the U.S. invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. So don't complain.

Sorry but colonial powers get what they deserve. There is a complete link to muslim immigration and european colonialism just as there is a link to Latin American immigrantion and United States' meddling in Latin America (people go where the resources from their native lands are taken to). Remember the British mandate? The Brits destroyed the "Middle East" (Middle and East to Europe, that is where the term 'Middle East' came from). Just as the United States destroyed Latin America, from invasions, to coups, to supporting military dictatorships, oppressive loan 'agreements,' structural adjustment programs, etc. Stop being ignorant racists and crack open a book.

Anonymous said...

Please check out the Korean churches, they are fronts for business! so they don't have to pay taxes. In fact this is how many, many illegal immigrants come to the US through churches.

There is an apt building on 62nd Street owned by a Korean church. this building, once a showplace, now in like a slum in a third world country. go right in to take a peek, the front door is always broken open. The pastor/slumlord routinely harasses the sole American living there, a WWII veteran. If they have a overnight guest, he starts harassing them, claiming the rent must be raised. This is an elderly person. What happened to the Oriental reverence for age?

Since when are churches allowed to put neon crosses on their buildings and why? As churches they enjoy tax free status and can use the non profit status w/ the IRS as a fiscal conduit for other enterprises. The what is it called now? New Life Baptist Korean Church on 61st St & 38th Avenue just so happens to have many Korean owned business's surrounding it. The garage across the street, that's now a McMansion, the nail salons, the many dry cleaners who are happy to take your money and ruin your clothes. When you say oh, there's a problem with this coat I brought in that you messed up, all of a sudden they can't speak English.

Check out the Church vans, see the luxury automobiles there every Sunday not from the area! Hear the crappy music/screaming/pounding broadcast at 5:50am until 7:30am weekday mornings They did this during the black out but did NOTHING to help residents. They do no out reach to the community, no soup kitchen, no clothes closet, it's all for Koreans.

And... please someone. look at their HUGE neon cross w/ what looks like an antennae on top. This is in a flight pattern to La Guardia airport. why are they allowed to do this? they did not have neon on the cross before 9/11.

Does the DHCR bag boy for the slumlords, Chan Jo, attend this "church"?

start asking why are Koreans so powerful in Queens real estate. All that money from ho houses and loan sharking has to be washed somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Deport all the Muslims out of this country. Send them back to their own countries. Get the US out of the Middle East. Everyone needs to go home.

Anonymous said...

While they are investigating the Razi School on Queens Boulevard, don't forget to investigate the mosque on 58th street and Laurel Hill Boulevard (Woodside again). Wonder what goes on there under the cover of darkness.

Anonymous said...

1/2 of the Bukrahs in Forest Hills do the same sh__ with with dirty diamond and smuggling money, Israel, Georgia.
Why are the Buk-Rah's and Russians Jews given a free pass when it comes to smuggling and scamming ?

Anonymous said...

Please check out the Korean churches
Most of those Church "fronts" are set up and "paid off" by the Rev.Moon organization.
The Moonies are alive and well and have LOADS of green cash. They pay off everybody.

ew-3 said...

When did Rev Moon have people fly into the WTC?
When did the Jews?

Salvatore said...

ah.. but yes.. The Jews did attack the U.S.S. Liberty

1967. Never forget what the Israeli bastards did to us! Yet! administration after administration, the U.S. continues to support, with taxpayer money, the state of Israel.

citationneeded said...

Dear Salvatore,

You're missing the point. This crap is happening in New York, in Queens, in our neighborhoods. Whatever fault the US government has does not diminish that our lives are being put in danger. Yes, some of this anger might be misdirected, but if something happens to our mass transit system (for example), in the end, the blame will fall on the perpetrators.

Klink said...

Yeah, the FBI needs to look good after dropping the Hasan grenade. A 20 year old sting?! That bone you're throwin' us is petrified, boys. Come on.

Perhaps it's time to look at internment camps again. Michelle Malkin wrote a compelling book in defense of the Japanese internment camps of WWII.

Let's drop the PC crap and really get down to business. It's costing this country too much blood and treasure.

Salvatore = another self loathing elitist American byproduct of our most excellent Marxist infiltrated education system. Excellent. Thanks for the drivel. We can always use more of it. And remind me again what race is Islam?

Crap, where's McCarthy when you need him.

Salvatore said...

"Dear Salvatore,

You're missing the point. This crap is happening in New York, in Queens, in our neighborhoods. Whatever fault the US government has does not diminish that our lives are being put in danger. Yes, some of this anger might be misdirected, but if something happens to our mass transit system (for example), in the end, the blame will fall on the perpetrators."

I agree, but it is important to understand why this is happening.

Salvatore said...

"Salvatore = another self loathing elitist American byproduct of our most excellent Marxist infiltrated education system. Excellent. Thanks for the drivel. We can always use more of it. And remind me again what race is Islam?

Crap, where's McCarthy when you need him."


Yes, born in Ridgewood from working class parents. I went to I.S. 93, La Guardia High School of the Arts, Pace University and NYU. My father is a retired jeweler and my mother cleans up rooms at the Marriot... how "elitist." Taking out loans to study is not "elitist." You are just bitter about your life. Not matter how private these universities are, I would never betray any working class value or identify myself with a government that bails out Wall St and not poor people. Sorrrryyyyy...

Islam is a race? I know many "non-Arabs" who are Muslim.

Salvatore said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Klink Cannoli said...

I'm glad you have at least some sense of humor, Salvatore. I may just almost, just a little bit, warm up to you yet.

But it's interesting you only defended my flippant charge of elitism and left the whole Marxist spiel at rest. And just for shites and giggles - when someone throws out the "learn you some history" drag, it's an implied attitude of elitism. You filthy hippie. ;@)

Racism - "Stop being ignorant racists and crack open a book."
I was addressing that remark. But it may be evident you're hip to knowing Islam has no racial profile. I hope.

*smooch paisano from a fellow guinea*

Gary Attackerman said...

Don't look at me!

Klink Cannoli said...

The candy-colored clown they call the Sandman...

Anonymous said...

Is Archie Bunker actually posting some of these comments?

If we are going to throw out all the Muslims, can we ditch the non-believers and Christians too? Send 'em all home.

The US Government has been increasingly restricting immigration since the late 19th century. Since then folks have been entering this country illegally, putting down roots, working hard, and becoming productive and valuable members of our society and community.

Obviously, within any religious of ethnic group, there are segments that behave in ways that show lack of respect, contempt, and even hate for their new fellow citizens.

Off the top of my head, I'm thinking about

*Radical Islamists who kill innocents

*Italians who institute regimes of violence and extortion (AKA the Mob)

*Religious groups that concentrate in an area and build housing that is out of scale

*Poor immigrants that pack 15 people in a space meant for 2 and tax city services and sanitation (I'm thinking of Irish and Germans in tenements)

Point being, none of these issues are new to the American experiment. The understanding of recent groups in other terms than history remembers European immigrants is, quite simply, based on the color of the new comers skin, and their divergent faiths.

Not to be nasty, but the prejudice of the Archie Bunker set is dying, and fast. Most of the 'good' Italian, Irish, German families bailed on NYC a long time ago, spreading out across the country. 3 out of 4 times a house changes hands it is sold to one of the 'invaders,'

Note that if the Archie Bunkers who owned all the homes in the area 30 years ago hadn't sold to the highest payer, the 'Crapification' of Queens would have never happened. So, Mr. Bunker, you have no one to blame but yourself for being more greedy than committed to your bigotry.

All of America cries for you.

BTW, I'm so damn white my ethnicity is American. And I love my neighbors in Queens-it's why I choose to live here.

Anonymous said...

Don't we have a repersentative in Congress who deals with these matters? Our "buddy" Gary:

Congressman Ackerman is the Chairman of the House Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia. The subcommittee, a key panel of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has jurisdiction over United States policy towards all countries in the Middle East and South Asia, including important U.S. allies Israel and India. The committee’s purview extends over some of the world’s most contentious hotspots such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Congressman is also a member and the former Chair of the Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific which has oversight on U.S. policy towards nations in Asia.

As the Vice Chairman of the full Foreign Affairs Committee, Ackerman plays major leadership roles in flash point areas of the world. Often, these involve national security, nuclear proliferation and terrorism issues in areas such as the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

A Representative’s representative, he was also Congress’ delegate to the United Nations. In addition, he twice Co-Chaired the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans. Further, he is the President of the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians (ICJP) which consists of Jewish lawmakers from congresses and parliaments across the globe.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are at war with the US. They come here, get a foothold in a neighborhood, procreate and wait until they outnumber US citizens. They don't have to assimilate to our country or fire any weapons, they just have to reproduce. They also infiltrate our military, our politics and our workforce. Fifty years from now, the US will look like the Middle East. It's our government's fault for letting this happen. They can be bought and sold and only think of the monetary gain. It's disgusting.

Gary Attackerman said...

They can be bought and sold and only think of the monetary gain.


Queens Crapper said...

Blah, blah, blah, Archie Bunker, blah, blah, blah.

Your cutesy and convenient reasoning may have flown during the Kennedy era, but today allowing certain people to enter the country and live under the radar can have catastrophic consequences.

Queens Crapper said...

Oh and the crappification of Queens happened largely under the Bloomberg administration, not 30 years ago. So you really don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg's zoning changes and redlining policies crappified Queens.

Anonymous said...

And giving HUGE tax breaks to developers while bleeding the rest of us dry.

Klink Cannoli said...

I've never heard Archie thrown around as a derogatory term as much as I've heard it here. Net or in the real world, ever. I don't feel quite so old anymore.

In honor of Archie Bunker and a forgotten time which still holds relevance today.

Loosen up and enjoy.

PizzaBagel said...

This has been going on for two decades? What took the feds so long to figure it out?

My other question is: How long before Bloomie holds another confab with Muslim bigwigs to assure them that they have nothing to worry about from us infidels?

Salvatore said...

" Klink Cannoli"

LOL, ;) nothing wrong with Marxism lol, haha

Salvatore said...

" Klink Cannoli"

LOL, ;) nothing wrong with Marxism lol, haha

linda said...

plain and simple fxxk that!deport their asses now! take back the property now!!!

we cannot go to the middle east and put up a church, so the hell with them.

deport them now answer questions later........

Anonymous said...

Lived in Woodside for years--shame what is happening here--day workers look like hookers on a stroll--drunk Mexicans passed out in street, urinating in public-remember something about our Islamic friends--they love American $--they hate America and Americans--their allegiance is to Islam, no matter what they say--see Major Hasan in Fort Hood!

Detective McNutty said...

Judging by the comments, it is like September 11 never happened. How sad some people choose to blame the victims, as if New Yorkers deserved the attacks.

History didn't just start in the 20th century. The Sultans in the Philippines sold out their own people long before Marcos was even born and Europeans did not invent slavery, racism, or sexism. Muslims were doing this to their own people long before there was a USA.

Anonymous said...

i recall reading that teddy(the swimmer) kennedy was the spearhead behind the legislation ,to open up the immigration gates for the s.east asians . is he not dem/lib. ? i bet LINO,THE LIAR, can clear this up.

the prime minister of Spain,after the muslim,islamo-fascist bombings were executed,said " all muslims are not jihadists,but all jihadists are muslims"

President Obama's A/G, eric holder,while working in the U.S.Justice Dept. under President Bill Clinton,executed the pardon for six Puerto Rican F.A.L.N. terrorist bombers.!!!!

Obama dissed the Berlin wall ceremony ,because lib/socialists can not accept that democratic capitalism won over communism.
R.Reagan: "tear down this wall,Sec. Gorbychev."

from" the man who warned America",F.B.I. counter-terrorism agent,JOHN P.O'NEILL to his first grandson: " you have been born in the greatest country in the world. it is well to learn the ethnic backgrounds of your parents,to love and cherish the ancient folklore. but never forget, you are an American first. and millions of Americans before you have fought for your freedom. The Nation holds all the terms of our endearment. support ,defend and honor those whose duty it is to keep it safe." May, Murray Weiss

R.I.P. JOHN P.O'NEILL,(K.I.A. 9/11/2001)

he is saying SHAM,SHAME,SHAM,SHAME, to holder and obama.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom say.. Geez it took this long to figure this out.
Maybe Bloomburg will use eminent domain and turn the building into a high school. It certainly is big enough.

Anonymous said...

yeah, Woodside! Maybe some one wants to start looking into who really owns the apartment buildings there!

All of Queens is looking like this - a slum of illegals. If Arabs and Muslims hate us why are they here - did their own countries throw them out?

Can't we enforece immigration laws?

These Mosques are not operating as religious centers rather political center to raise money for those wishing us dead. Remember - never forget 9/11 your loved ones, your neighbors or your fellow citizen died here - it could have been you or maybe you in the future - never, ever forget. Your security is at risk with illegals in your midst.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen to these Muslims until the next terrorist attack. Then, the government will clamp down on these mosques who operate under the guise of religion. Most of them are fronts for fundraising for terrorism. No one wants to face it because they must be politically correct. Clamp down on these mosques now and weed out the ones funneling money back home.

georgetheatheist said...

"...nothing wrong with Marxism..."

Of course there is.

Babs said...

There appears to be an aura of paranoia on the threads here towards Muslims. I THINK I understand why as I see there is at LEAST one Libertarian on board -

The Libertarian Party is a political cult -

Anonymous said...

So is Islam.

Anonymous said...

the immigration & naturalization act of 1965.
a democratic controlled congress. the republicans were powerless to stop it.House of Reps.voted 326-69. the senate voted 76-18. l.johnson signed it into law.
during the debate on the senate floor KENNEDY ,speaking of the effects of the act, uttered words which later became famous for their irony :first,our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. under the proposed bill,the present level of immigration remains substantially the same... secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset... contrary to the charges in some quarters, [the bill] will not inundate America with immigration from any one country or area, or the most populated & deprived nations of Africa & Asia...the bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. it will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. it will not relax the standards of admission. it will not cause American workers to lose their jobs........

results: by equalizing immigration policies,the act resulted in new immigration from non-european nations which changed the ethnic make-up of the U.S.. immigration doubled between 1965-70, & doubled again between 1970-90. the most dramatic effect was to shift immigration from Europe to Asia.!!!!!!.....see:wikipedia....

how did n.y.s. senators & n.y.c.dem. reps. vote on this act ? i bet LINO,THE LIAR knows. but will he tell the Q.C.jury.?
one party system will get us killed !!!!!!!!

would you ever believe a democratic congress would vote to send your family members to jail,if they did not buy health insurance ? the vote was 215-210 ,for jail. how did your local dem. rep. vote ?

georgetheatheist said...

"KENNEDY, speaking of the effects of the act..."

At least that drunken sot has been quiet for a few months now.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a grim, backwardly and dangerous religion. Why should we be forced to think that all religions are equal and deserve equal respect?

Anonymous said...

Islam will end society as we know it. The Muslims want to rule the world and convert everyone to Islam. They've already invaded Europe and are gaining in population in the US. We are screwed.

Babs said...

Chicken Little - "Islam is NOT going to end society as we know it."

Not all Muslims are involved with the destructive cult of these fundamentalists - not all Jews are radical Zionists - not all Christians are part of the FLDS Church etc.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps not, but you certainly don't see them protesting against the behavior of rogue Muslims, do you?

Detective McNutty said...

I wonder if we can call it paranoia if I refuse to walk into the Queensbridge Houses at 2am or maybe it is acknowledging my fear of being attacked.

The problem is not the radical Muslim but it is moderate Muslims who refuse to assimilate into the culture. How many stories do we have to read about businesses or institutions changing policy so they don't offend Muslims. It is the moderate Muslim who doesn't acknowledge the Misogyny and Violence in their religion. For all the faults of Christianity and Judaism they allow for a process of change and transformation.

If one refuses to see Muslim immigration as destructive maybe you should ask the women in Sweden, Norway, Denmark how safe they feel in a country where more than 50 percent of rapes are committed by Muslims. If crimes against women are not enough we can go into the destruction of Freedom of speech in the Netherlands, UK and Denmark by Muslims who have intimidated journalists.

Anonymous said...

How about the women walking around wearing burkas? Why are we supposed to be a progressive society that supports the liberation of women yet accept practices by some cultures living here that are so freakin' backwards?

Why won't they assimilate?

Babs said...

People in our society who isolate themselves from others - the Hasidics in Brooklyn - the Christians behind barbed wire in Texas have to EXPECT people to be leery of them. They're weird looking - let's face it, AND they want NOTHING to do with the rest of us - their religions teach them that THEY are better.

BUT OUR government does NOT TOLERATE violence - our democracy demands equality and fairness. It is ONLY because of this that we are not fighting everyday like those in the Middle East.

We get along simply because WE HAVE TO - It CERTAINLY has NOTHING to do with religion.

Babs said...

Muslim women - Burkas;
married Orthodox Jewish women - wigs black tights and long dresses; Christian Fundamentalists - little house on the prairie dresses.

Yep - I agree with you on something - some people are "freakin' backwards".

Anonymous said...

"Yep - I agree with you on something - some people are "freakin' backwards"."

Whoever wrote this has the same mindset as was recently displayed by Ackerman and Schenkler when they brought Dan Halloran's religious preference, paganism, to the forefront. In the U.S., we have the right to express ourselves in whatever manner we choose, no matter how distasteful or odd some religious practices and customs seem to be. Who the hell are any of us to judge? Of course the line is drawn when violence or destruction is employed to promote one's faith over another.

Babs said...

People exploit our religious freedoms. Women are NOT property in America - BUT in certain "religions" they are. If a Muslim man wore a burka over his face (when NOT in a sandstorm) - they would have something to say. If an Orthodox Jewish man wore a wig and black tights ON HOT and HUMID days like his wife does - then he too would have something to say. If there were female "prophets" living on Christian "compounds" - hada hada hada.

Save your patronizing tone for someone who EXPLOITS our country's religious freedom for their own PERVERSIONS please.

AND Halloran looked weird too on his knees dressed as Superman in the park surrounded by women in long black dresses.

BUT I also liked much of what he SAID - I voted for him FYI.

Babs said...

Also - I know absolutely nothing about Halloran's religion - I truly couldn't care less about it. IF though Halloran's wife wore a long black dress daily and walked 10 paces behind him - for "religious reasons" of course - I would have NEVER voted for him.

Call me judgmental if you must.

(Also - I just noticed I typed hada, hada, hada rather than yada, yada, yada in my last post! When will I learn to proof my posts!?)

Anonymous said...

Call me judgmental if you must.

I must. You ARE judgmental!

Anonymous said...

I dont know... how many Hasidic women with wigs or Christian women with 'Little House on the Prairie' clothes have ever concealed explosive devices?

Why this weird equivocation? Hasidic Jews dont want to kill us. Conservative Christians dont wamt to kill us. Hindus dont want to kill us. Buddhists dont want to kill us. A SUBSTANTIAL number of Muslims want to kill us. (By 'substantial', I dont mean a majority, I mean a significant minority)

I wish Muslims would purge their own miscreants.

Babs said...

the name Timothy McVeigh ring a bell?

and the radical Zionists do a damn good job of rearranging the rocks in the Middle East wouldn't ya say?

Difference - as I stated before - our government will not tolerate violence and is actively on top of the situation - to the best that they can be anyway.

Queens Crapper said...

Timothy McVeigh wasn't a religious nut. He was just a nut.

Babs said...

No - McVeigh was a part of that "Patriot" movement -

there were those who unfortunately cheered his actions.

Our government had much to concern themselves with back in those days - and I'm sure there are still some of those Idaho potatoes left that need to be under watch.

Detective McNutty said...

Someone actually believes Islam is a religion of peace and it is the fringe elements that give it a bad name. I wonder if we can call the factory workers at a Tyson chicken plant terrorist when they voted to celebrate Eid al-Fitr instead of Labor Day . The Muslim cabbies in Minnesota who refuse to drive people with dogs were not the work of radicals. When Church's Chicken decided to remove pork from the menu they weren't a terrorist cell. They are a few examples where Muslims do not adapt to the culture of their host country.

People do not have the moral ground when they call posters racists, paranoid or xenophobes. It shows a condescending attitude toward genuine fear. They just refuse to believe that unchecked immigration can be dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Ah, how I remember the days when, "greenhorn" was a terrible insult and backward Irish immigrants were told to Americanize or else, by their narrowback family members.

When has America become the punching-bag for the world. May I kindly suggest that if you hate this country you should return to the paradise from whence you came?

God bless America.

Babs said...

"shows a condescending attitude towards genuine fear".

how about your fearmongering all over the forums - that's not an ideal attitude to have in MY book.

You're scared of everything so what - who cares - but, you are fearmongering plain and simple - your words are ALSO racist and paranoid.

why not live elsewhere - live in the woods upstate by yourself or something.

Anonymous said...

God bless America.

Which one?

Detective McNutty said...

According to Spike Lee I can't be racist because I have no power. I do have prejudices like everyone else. Your name calling of those who disagree with you is proof of your prejudices, why not admit to everyone your like us.

How can someone survive in this city without acknowledging fearful situations. Isn't fear a survival instinct within all humans. Fear is good it helps me avoid dangerous situations. Maybe we can have a beer summit and discuss your disconnect from the human race.

Your correct about one thing, I am extremely paranoid about the imminent Alien invasion. That is why I can't live upstate , that is where ninety percent of abductions take place.

Salvatore said...

" georgetheatheist said...
"...nothing wrong with Marxism..."

Of course there is."

George! Long time! lol, See, I respect your fascist values. At least you have a backbone and are upfront with your views. Unlike the silly liberals (postmodernists hipsters) who have no ideology.

To the person who called Obama a socialist-liberal... actually... socialism has nothing to do with liberalism. On the contrary, liberalism is closely tied with capitalism. Take a political theory class.

georgetheatheist said...

"Fascist?" There you go with the leftist fascination uttering of fricatives and sibillants. True oral fixation in the absence of intellectual rigueur. Be sure to wipe the babbling drool up with your Che Guevara nightie before hitting the crib.

Objectivism is a totally different coin from the Commie/Fascist currency you peddle.

Read a political theory book.

Klink Cannoli said...

@ Salvatore...
"Take a political theory class."

And there you go again getting your elitist undies in a twist. Didn't your Marxist ideologues in NYU teach you how to manipulate and persuade using Alinksy's rules for radicals? Come now. Work on those reading comprehension and attention skills, you commie pinko. ;@)

Socialism, Communism, Marxism, it's all the same flawed base ideology no matter what flavor of the day prefix one uses.

Now back to the subject at hand... Islam versus the infidels. The unfinished war of 622AD.

Farrah Syed ☆___☆ said...

@ Detective McNutty-


ALL of you are racist.

Serously- I go to Razi School- no wrys, it's not a place where they teach ppl to be terrorists.

It's just like any other school.

(Trust me, I went to P.S.229 also.)

Anonymous said...

This mass stereo-typing needs to stop. The person who mentioned Moslems in the Philippines. Does he or she know that the U.S. occupied the Philippines and not until they killed 4,000 Americans that America was ready to leave? The moslems there are no threat to the Philippines. If there are radical moslems there; then there are radical Christians too. Radicalism is part of every religion and political ideology on this planet.

Anonymous said...

Shalom. Please do not accuse the Jews of attacking the U.S.S. Liberty because they did not. No Jew wants a war with the U.S. Thanks for your free taxpayers money in billions every year but no Jew is stupid enough to attack the U.S. As Israel's source of funds and military advanced weaponry we will NEVER be stupid enough to attack the U.S.
Come to Israel and visit us.