Tuesday, November 17, 2009

NYPD breaks promise to CB7

From the NY Post:

A Queens neighborhood is boiling mad over a broken NYPD promise not to hog parking spots with civilian employees' cars.

Ever since four police units moved into a vacant office building in College Point last month, neighbors say, parking there has become a nightmare.

When the NYPD applied in 2005 to relocate the squads from Queens Village to the 14th Avenue building, the community board insisted on a condition -- that cops park in a lot across the street.

The NYPD purchased 220 parking spots in the lot and vowed that would be ample parking for its 200 or so employees who'd be there at any given time.

But when they finally arrived in October, cops immediately began clogging up the streets with their cars, residents say.

A spokesman acknowledged that the NYPD underestimated the number of spots it needed. He said it was looking for another lot nearby.

Photo from NY Times.


Alan Gross said...

If that weren't enough, there are concerns about the impact of the proposed police academy on the College Point community as evidenced by this video I shot at the end of July:


Anonymous said...

City employees should not have subsidised parking. Like civilians of private companies, the City employees should pay for their own parking and better yet, take public transportation. 200 parking spot purchased to house cars after Bloomberg wanted to ban cars from Manhattan, he want to bring those cars to Queens?


Anonymous said...

Maybe not all the blame lies with the NYPD. Did CB7 truly perform due diligence before voting in favor of both this relocation and the proposed police academy? Did the members have all the facts or did Chuck Apelian once again, knowingly mislead CB7 in order to further his own self serving interests? Just some questions to ponder.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, they are parking legally, in legal spots, and there isn't much that can be done about that. They built a school down the block from me a few years ago, and everyone bitched when the teachers from out of the neighborhood were taking up all the free spots in the morning. This is what happens when parking isn't taken into account when planning new facilities.

Anonymous said...

Why can't these employees take mass transit like the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

I thought we live in america and can choose the mode of transportation we want to use? The words Mass transit and college point in the same sentence,funny.

Anonymous said...

Why can't these employees take mass transit like the rest of us?
I wasn't aware that only city employees drove to work.

Anonymous said...

To the person who said take mass transit:

Taking mass transit would be a reasonable idea, but College Point lacks good mass transit. There is no subway, and the buses are late and packed with people. You will be late every day if you wait for the Q 65.

Anonymous said...

Anyone try to walk down Catalpa Ave near the 104th???

You have to weave through a maze of PRIVATE vehicles parked at the corners across the crosswalks and parked ON THE SIDEWALKS!

You are FORCED to walk in the narrow, two-way street to get by.

Then, how about when these same 'officers' drive their car back to their homes and park across cross-walks and fire hydrants??? How is that not a safety issue???

Anonymous said...

it isnt a safetey issue b/c people can walk around the car and its there risk if they park at a pump n theres a fire they get there window broken and usually they park a little bit closer to the pump never AT the pump its just his citys parking rules are ridiculous and if they inforce them there not going to follow them, like the teacher that wont let the students eat in class but shee will bc its her class room, and if youre so jealous of parking privilages why dont you become a cop or are you to scared of getting shot?

Queens Crapper said...

Every night, a car with an NYPD placard parks right next to the hydrant in front of my house. Not near it, right next to it. Never gets a ticket or gets towed. I wonder why.

So please spare us your bullshit.