Thursday, November 19, 2009

NYC hemorrhaging communications jobs

From Fox 5:

The New York City comptroller's office says the city has lost nearly 60,000 communications jobs since 2000, including in publishing and broadcasting.

New York City accounts for about 19 percent of national employment in the communications sector.

The city lost 44,500 communications jobs from 2000 to 2007, and has since lost another 15,100 jobs.


Mike Skunkler said...

Dumbass publishers! I told them to use whore ads. We're doing great. Nussy says we're getting head er ahead of last year's numbers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah lets see the hooker ads in the Times....that will jack up circulation...heh heh ya now wadda i mean

gov. arnold schwarzenegger said...

Wunderbar! Ach, wunderbar!

georgetheatheist said...
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Anonymous said...

instead of reducing corporate taxes so the business sector can reinvest into their future, the n.y.s.,n.y.c. and obama government keeps raping the risk takers.

corporations are moving out of the state,taking their jobs with them.

growing the government in time of recession is NUTS!!
remodeling 95 school playgrounds at a cost of $1-3 million each ,is also NUTS!!!!

rebuilding a flu-shing boat dock at a cost of $5 plus million is Nuts.

building an atrium roof over the queens city hall rear entrance, for millions of dollars is NUTS.

obama forcing n.y.c.taxpayers to pay for the sham fed. court trial of the W.T.C. islamo-fascist muslim
terrorists, is NUTS.
when the nazi sabotage team was caught on the long island beach,in civilian clothes, in 1941 at the start of W.W.II,they were given a military tribunal and quickly executed.

eric holder should resign the A/G position.he showed his incompetence at the senate judiciary hearing yesterday.

who will pay the bloated government salaries,when there are no private industry taxpayers???

Lino said...

Good ol' fox "news". Well they are reliable in their misleading content anyway.

The loss of broadcasting jobs is a function of both the 1996 Telecom Act and the resulting consolidation and more recently, the loss of advertising revenue due to recession (Bush) and migration to alternate media (internet based).

The piece goods sale model of recorded media has taken a huge hit due to internet file sharing and the ubiquitous CD/DVD burners in computers. I have three long time friends in media that lost major positions at Sony/Epic and NBC due to the changes over the last decade. BTW: Next month Napster -a name that strikes terror into media exec's hearts, will be ten years old.

The twin costs of production-office-living space are also big factors.

Media companies are now offering -less- compensation to their workers then they did during the go-go years of the 1990's, yet due to a lack of regulation, rents have continued to rise.

You can pack 5-6 twenty-somethings into a 2 bdrm apt and get away with it --for awhile-- but a company needs a certain amount of room to conduct business and if it can't find it at a sensible price here they go elsewhere.

People complain about New York becoming a playground of the rich with only expensive restaurants and boutique stores but this is what an uncontrolled real estate industry gets you.

Queens Crapper said...

It was an Associated Press article, not Fox News. You'll probably find the same article on CNN.

karl said...

it always mystifies me when people choose to point out how "misleading" one media outlet is. it's as if the person thinks that one outlet operates differently from the others. that such a thing as a "right" or "wrong" publication or network exists. it's pretty obvious that they slant one way or the other.

a thinking person would realize that they aren't necessarily getting the truth from one place and lies from the other but that they simply agree or disagree with whatever bias is being presented.

there's no difference between what FOX or MSNBC does, so what good does the finger pointing do? if i watch Hannity i know what slant i'm going to be getting. if i choose to watch Keith Olbermann i know that he's going to present only one side of the story. what's the difference? people mostly seek out whatever slant they agree with.

objective journalism is a rare thing these days.

anyway...sadly, i'm one of the 15,100 who lost their career in media last year. those jobs are gone and never coming back. unfortunately, i think the public are the ones who will lose out...we need those reporters/writers out there questioning the filthy politicians.

oh well...guess i'll learn how to make websites. can anyone recommend a good web design class?

Anonymous said...

re:LINO,THE LIAR.......there he goes again.....just can not get his facts straight !!!!! look on your phone bill at universal connection.that is your cost for internet use of every library and public school computer .the internet companies then contributed heavily to the gore/clinton campaigns.

gore/clinton was furious with at&t for itemizing this cost and exposing their dealings with the internet companies.

250,000,000 phone users X universal connector cost = bilions of bucks./year.
and you the payer never ordered this phone service??

Lino said...

"re:LINO,THE LIAR.......there he goes again.....just can not get his facts straight !!!!! look on your phone bill at universal connection.that is your cost for internet use of every library and public school computer"

Old man, I can tell by the way you write that you are angry, frustrated and not too bright, so I'll keep this simple and not waste a lot of time.

How about some "opinion and fact".

Opinion: Free internet access in schools and libraries is an essential service. Anyone who begrudges this is frankly sick and mean spirited.

Fact: There is nothing you can do about it. Pay and shut up..or give up your phone. TFB.(!!!!!):-)

Anonymous said...

re:LINO,THE do not handle constructive criticism very well .but we conservative citizens understand why. liberalism is a illness. you can not help yourself.why do you not challenge or demonize commenter,KARL ?

will your real bias be unveiled ?

read: " the cell",by john miller(20/20),n.y.p.d.,f.b.i.

the 911 islamo-fascist terrorists,also made use of U.S. library, computer internet,while planning the death of 3000 American citizens. our innocent citizens were left with the choice of burning in jet fuel, or jumping down 102 stories.

honesty will lose your LIAR logo.

Lino said...

"liberalism is a illnes"


Blah. Blah. You misspelled "illness"

You are just parroting those dumb AM radio talk shows.

"the 911 islamo-fascist terrorists,also made use of U.S. library, computer internet"

Well, Retardo, they also drove cars, used cell phones and shopped at grocery stores, rented apts.....

You are making this too easy.

Anonymous said...

RE: LINO ,THE(liberal who could not see straight) LIAR.

see dictionary:illness is correct spelling.come on, you can give me a better rational argument. did not clinton/gore provide free internet service for our nation's enemies at war with us? and scam citizens into unknowingly pay for it?

Lino said...

Karl, I am genuinely sorry that you lost your has been a week full of such news. Monday an accountant friend was fired from his work at a major restaurant, yesterday another family friend, one who does translations from Italian and Spanish for a publishing house was told that his job is going to India in December. East Indians doing translations, the results of that will probably be fitting punishment for that publisher.

"a thinking person would realize that they aren't necessarily getting the truth from one place and lies from the other but that they simply agree or disagree with whatever bias is being presented."

Unfortunately the practical effects of this new breed of heavily biased "journalism" -is to poison any attempt at intelligent debate and replace it with "Palinisms".

You can't entirely blame listeners to these crap shows for taking their hosts seriously after all, the hosts speak with such righteous conviction that gullible people will easily be swayed.

The whole genre is wrapped in the equally misleading moniker "NewsTalk" as if all of what is said is actually information.

Limbaugh-Hannity-Beck etc, have all uttered demonstrably false statements yet they pose this a "information you can't get anywhere else" Types such a Beck go so far as to openly say that "Liberals" may resort to extreme measures to silence him, so he must get his opinions out asap.

When called up on the lies that are told, the parent companies of these stations claim that they are just "entertainment". But they know that Billy and Mary sixpack take them seriously..that is the point.

BTW: You may have read that WABC's parent co Citadel is headed for bankruptcy in Q-1 next year. Be ready for more baldness cures E-D and get rich quick infomercials.

georgetheatheist said...

No baldness cures and infomercials ever on The Right Perspective internet radio show heard every Friday night ( Check it out. With the greatest callers ever to Talk Radio: John of Staten Island and Frank of Queens. All the AM guys (Sliwa, Savage, et al.) steal their material.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the CUA goes out of its way to foster incompetence!

Anonymous said...

re: GEORGE,....thanks for the the" right perspective " information. i always enjoyed listening to frank,from queens and john,from s.i., on the "BOB GRANT SHOW'.

during the 1970's,i was very active in exposing the left wings social engineering failures.i set up a few guests for the Grant show.

i helped protest the a.c.l.u. with the Grant audience, in midtown.

i went to a w.m.c.a. softball game at St. John's. even though bob would state that "i hate the yankees", on the radio,he was an excellent shortstop .

BTW he can be heard on 770 AM,each sunday from 12 to 2 pm.

i am sad to report that "the principled principal" DR. HOWARD HURWITZ (L.I.C. H.S.) ,passed way at age 93 in sept./09 . R.I.P. He was the greatest human being.

georgetheatheist said...

Sorry to hear about Dr, Hurwitz' passing. He was quite a character in this age of dumbing down and permissiveness. Imagine if he had been the Chancellor of the NYC schools! It would be great if they named a school after him maybe even in Long Island City.

BTW readers. You can hear the archived shows of John of Staten Island and Frank of Queens on the No one, absolutely no one, can hold a candle to the commentaries of Frank of Queens! AND Bob Grant has an internet TV show, archived as well, on

Check it out.

georgetheatheist said...

And kids, if you want to hear what great New York talk radio was really like, Frank and John recorded ALL of their phone calls. ALL of them. Incomprehensible but true! To Barry Gray, Barry Farber, Lynn Samuels, Bob Grant, Jay Diamond, et al. These are some of the most incisive commentary on the local political scene. And they are extremely entertaining and hillarious as well. 126 complete volumes from the 1970's to the late 1990's on a quite inexpensive DVD. Hours and hours of listening pleasure. Go to for further info on obtaining it. Trust me. I'm not steering you wrong.