Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Neighbor wants pool overruled


Do you remember the story in the Daily News on April 10, 2008, where dancers at the Flamingo club were suing Edith D’Angelo because they made them slaves? Well Edith and her crew now live in Bayside, specifically 35-31 212 Street and they are really causing issues for us. First, they built this monstrous piece of crap as big as they could in R2A..ok fine…what can you do…then they had their contractors remove a neighbor’s fence, tried to have a tree trimming crew trespass on a neighbor’s property because the house was too big. Each and every garbage collection day, they have 3 and 4 full apartment size cans to dispose of (I think they’re illegally putting commercial waste from their business). There are numerous people coming and going at all hours of the night…I’m not even sure who lives here…except for their poor unfortunate slave…ooops maid….

And to top it off, they’ve illegally built an in-ground swimming pool….ON A 40x100 lot!!! I heard they were complaining with the DOB inspectors that this was on the original approved plans, which it wasn’t since I went and got the plans over a year ago. There have been numerous complaints and they were finally caught, BUT….they filed for an exception to legalize their $27,000 pool….I am so fed up that these disgusting dirt bags continue to think they can run roughshod over everything and everyone…Who can I complain to? I know the city will probably just rubber stamp this, and I am concerned that young kids might just be hurt.….and I am sure that when it’s in, the people using it will be every bit as diverse as those in the Flamingo…


A neighbor.

(Photo of pool is for illustrative purposes only and is not the actual pool.)


Arkie Techt said...

I don't see a problem here. After all, John C. Chen is responsible:

2 Applicant of Record Information
Business Name: JOHN C. CHEN ARCHITECT, PLLC Business Phone: 718-460-1345
Business Address: 131-37 41 AVE, 2B FLUSHING NY 11355

And he is an award winner!!!

Scroll down a few paragraphs:


"The award for a single residence went to a Bayside house owned by Linda Chen. John C. Chen Architect PLLC is the architect/engineer firm"

Sheeeeesh! This is Queens. Haven't you been trained to look the other way yet?

Anonymous said...

And if Chen is a member of the "prestigious" AIA, this monstrosity would never appear in their AIA Guide to NYC.