Saturday, November 14, 2009

MS-13 roundup in Flushing

From the Daily News:

The MS-13 gang's plot to murder a federal agent in New York has triggered a fierce crackdown - a blitz of predawn raids that have netted nine arrests.

"If they believe it's business as usual to threaten one of our agents, or any other agent, they're going to find out they're very wrong," said James Hayes Jr., special agent in charge of investigations for the New York office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

"Our response is going to be swift, decisive and overwhelming."

It's not just tough talk.

The Daily News witnessed some of the raids earlier this week, watching as hundreds of agents fanned out across Queens and Long Island in search of dangerous gang members.

In a parking lot in downtown Flushing, ICE agent Jason Molina convened a last-minute meeting with his team about their destination.

"It's a white house. There's no numbers on it," an agent said.

When they reached the stucco home on 146th St., the agents quickly secured the perimeter.

MS-13 graffiti was scrawled on the rear wall and a large butcher knife protruded from the doormat near the basement.

Two men heading to work were detained until their immigration status could be checked.

"Have you ever heard anything on the street about threats MS-13 put out against law enforcement?" Molina asked them.

A reputed MS-13 member was sleeping in the sparsely decorated apartment. There was a tattoo of rosary beads - a gang symbol - on his neck and chest.

He claimed he had never heard of MS-13 but was arrested for being in the country illegally.

Officials said nine gangsters and associates were arrested in the raids, including one believed to be part of the assassination conspiracy.


Anonymous said...

Great Job!

Anonymous said...

9 arrests of 900,000 illegals openly living in Queens is a start. Keep going.

primadonna said...

These dirtbags are in Flushing now? I thought they were a strictly Corona-Jackson Heights-Elmhurst kind of a gang.

Anonymous said...

Like a malignant cancer, they spread without "treatment".

Anonymous said...

Murray Street aka MS-13 street, Northern Boulevard, Sanford avenue, 158th street are all known spots for these guys.

Look how wonderful white flight is, Italians move out of the murray hill section and get replaced by central american scumbags.

Go to hell italian sell outs.

Auntie Invasion said...

Why all the drama?

All they have to do is go to the day laborer locations like the one at the 65th street park in Woodside, stand outside any #7 or walk down Roosevelt Avenue. Any one w/ an icie cart or a taco truck should be deported back home.

citationneeded said...

Love it how the crackdown is only after an agent gets threatened.

Anonymous said...

Look how wonderful white flight is, Italians move out of the murray hill section and get replaced by central american scumbags.

Go to hell italian sell outs.
My friend, I am an Irish-American, and I give full credit to the Italians for staying in neighborhoods ALOT longer than Irish or Germans. Look at the Italian section of Corona. Unfortunately, it shrinks more and more every year, but that area is still like an oasis in a desert. I can't say the same for Irish enclaves like Woodside. It seems like the Irish abandon a neighborhood in record time, and then we bitch when the same neighborhood gets overrun by third-world illegals.

Anonymous said...

I say anyone who does'nt speak english should be deported. the white ones too! lol Seriously though, I am glad they are arresting some of them but like someone ealier said " that is after an agent was threatened". Why is it anyone who has the ability to do something does nothing until they are forced to or it involves them? How about them doing their job to the best of their ability? How the fuck do these people live with themselves???? All these gang members should be sent o Irac, Iran, etc...

Anonymous said...

I alerted the 109th about MS 13 graffiti on the northeast corner of Murray and 149th Street 2 years ago at a civic association meeting.

Also about more graffiti on Crocheron & 164th & 166th 3 years ago.

They said it wasn't a problem.

That's why I no longer call the local flatfoots. I now deal directly with ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement)!

Anonymous said...

Only 10 comments on a thread about Flushing, illegals, and gangs? The Krappy Krew are asleep at the wheel!

Anonymous said...

That's why I no longer call the local flatfoots. I now deal directly with ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement)!
Isn't that who you should have called in the first place? This is actually more their responsibility than local law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say we now have to have org charts to find what law enforcement to call.

Federal crimes are the crime du jour and you may as well add the FBI, Immigration, the State Attorney General's office and more to your speed dial.

Modern times.

Anonymous said...

The 109th is filled with cops like Denis Kim and Jerry Svoronos and that scum bag bastard with the tattoos on his arms. What do you expect from these NYPD derelicts.

Anonymous said...

and may I add that a decent woman cannot even walk down the streets of Flushing or even the 7 train anymore without some low life Mexicano or Latino and occasionally a black man without performing somekind of lewd perverted gesture or dirty comments. They have no respect for women in general. They behave so badly that one cannot help but have a very low opinion of these people. Flushing use to be a nice neigborhood but the cancer that has been spreading in this neighborhood for some time is discusting. I am so glad that my family and I are moving out to a much better place.