Monday, November 9, 2009

More illegal apartments found near Woodside blaze site

From CBS 2:

As neighbors mourned the victims, at least some of whom were said to be members of the local Bangladeshi community, others in the diverse community complained that too many homes there have been illegally subdivided, causing dangerous conditions.

"Everybody changes from two-family to four, five, six families – it's not right," one neighbor said. "I pay my tax for two families – why should I pay the same as they pay?"

Just next door, inspectors found more illegal apartments, and another building was ordered shut, leaving several people homeless.

"I was told I had to vacate," one resident, Jeffrey, said.

He said he lived in a single-room occupancy in the basement for several years.

"I assumed everything was legitimate," Jeffrey said. "When I was on Welfare, inspectors came and inspected it. They were paying the rent."

Here's the address where the fire was. Note that there was a complaint in 2004 for illegal conversion of basement, but the DOB supposedly found nothing. The house next door has had illegal apartments since 1998 but no enforcement was done.


Anonymous said...

The owners of these illegal dwelling know exactly what they are doing and the City (dob) know exactly who and where they are located. The DOB has deliberately turn a blind eye when they investigate complaints about these places - mainly because they cannot access them. The law should be changed to allow access to the agency on a complaint or the owner should face huge fines or revocation of the building's CO (vacate all tenents immediately.)

Anonymous said...

How about reporting the owners of these illegal apartment houses to the IRS for not reporting income?

Most of these renters pay in cash because that's what these landlords often demand.

You'd see some fast action then because Uncle Sam is always eager for more bucks!

Also...look up on line to see if these houses carry mortgages...then report them to the lender.

It's a violation of a mortgage agreement for a residence to be divided into apartments.

The mortgage can be pulled.

In this case the Hare wins the race over the slower Turtle (DOB)!

Also notify the FDNY fire marshall's office.

A home was padlocked in my nabe when the department found an illegal boarding house was operating in violation of the city fire code.

Helen Marshall said...

Forget the eggplant. Where's the shrimp?

Sid? said...

There is an old saying about a horse, a barn and a fire...perhaps the second responder is correct, not much will happen (I am of the theory that this action is just a temporary knee-jerk response/pr maneuver to soothe the public) until the IRS becomes involved...btw: "welfare" was paying for the man's illegal apartment? HUH?

Anonymous said...

Vallone said, “The rezoning is an effort to prevent people from tearing down existing buildings to construct new buildings that are out of character, while allowing homeowners to improve and expand their property in context with the area.”

Look, when a politican sends out coded statements like this, everyone knows what they are saying.

You need to write to him, publish a copy in the Gazette, and send a copy to Crappy, on sponsoring legistlation to stop illegal conversions.

And do it over and over and over again.

he he he he

Anonymous said...

The preservation community can stop this - they know this was a problem 100 years ago a strict body of laws were enacted to curb these abuses. Many of their grandparents benefited from this.

Like immigration - they are ignored.

As long as our elites, the Blumberg supporters who live in landmarked districts, and own these builings, employ these people and turn a blind eye when someone likes Tony A is running, this will happen over and over again.

You need to get to the source of the cancer. Cold compacts to lower the fever is a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

They need to raise the fines on land lords.

Anonymous said...

the d.o.b. court judges have to stop dismissing the fines for the "SERIAL ILLEGAL CONVERSION VIOLATORS"!!!!

let us begin the list for the I.R.S and N.Y.C./N.Y.S. TAX EVASION DIVISIONS !!!!!

bypass the corrupt d.o.b.
from Q.C. to local CM to TAX INVESTIGATORS!!!!

honest homeowners vs. serial cheaters !!!!!!!

take back your block !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to turn in anyone they know renting an illegal apartment. If we don't and more people die, we are just as guilty!

Anonymous said...

the owner should be brought up on manslaughter charges.

issues of who/why people were living there aside, this guy broke the law and people died as a result.

Anonymous said...

How about reporting the owners of these illegal apartment houses to the IRS for not reporting income?

Here is a person who speaks with wisdom - this is the single best idea to combat or get even with those getting away with illegal conversions. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

It also costs the Red Cross money--those evacuated go to hotels the Red Cross pays for (not fancy hotels, believe me, but safe and clean), and in many cases the RC gives them money for food. RC goes to every vacate and every residential fire (bigger than a kitchen accident) in the five boroughs. There were 15 jobs in 24 hours from Friday-Saturday last week.

Anonymous said...

I liked living in the area. Woodside is full of character and wonderful ethnic food. I however am glad I don't live in an illegal basement with the shady master tenants I used to live with. They still will not give me my deposit back.