Monday, November 2, 2009

Last ditch effort shows Kim's desperation

From the Daily News:

Kim supporters and religious leaders began the day outside Republican headquarters, trying to make hay over Halloran's acknowledged involvement in a pre-Christian pagan religion, Theodism.

"By comparing animal blood sacrifices with the Jewish dietary laws of keeping kosher, it's no wonder that Dan Halloran's religion is supported by neo-Nazis and white supremacists," said Michael Dovid Sais, a Jewish Kim supporter.

The anti-Halloran protesters claim the religion furthers anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic views - something a Jewish leader who stood with Halloran yesterday in Whitestone was quick to dispute.

"It's a clear sign of a desperate campaign," said Halloran, a lawyer.

Fact: Dan Halloran never compared the sacrifice that his religion partakes in to "keeping kosher". He made the comparison to kapparot, which is a Jewish blood animal sacrifice whereby an animal is slaughtered to atone for a person's sins and then the meat is donated to feed the poor. Or perhaps similar to the halal tradition that takes place in slaughterhouses across the borough which the Queens Tribune presented in a positive light last week.

Fact: The group Halloran is a part of is multi-ethnic and multi-racial.

Fact: The Kim campaign is shitting in their collective pants.


georgetheatheist said...

Swinging chickens around your head? What is this? A cock-a-doodle-doo round-up? Now you know why I'm an atheist. Forget this religion crap already and deal with community issues.

Alan Gross said...

Dan Halloran at yesterday's TEA party at Bowne Park:

Anonymous said...

kapparot- They swing the poor chickens by the neck around. This backward cruelty in the name of God is ridiculous and cruel. Dog Fighting is illegal. Voodoo rituals are illegal. This should be illegal. And if any idiot Hasid claims anti-semitism, they're full of shit, especially since the practice is illegal in fucking ISRAEL

See video below

italian girl said...

Then why are so many people I've spoken to voting for Kim, including civic people, CB7 people? I don't get it. Why were so many pols and wannabe pols at a rally for Kim yesterday supporting him even though he so shady?

Queens Crapper said...

Because they are beholden to the Queens Machine and do what they are told.

becky said...

I don't live in that district, but i was at a It's My Park Day event in Herman MacNeil Park cleaning up the beach area where they are starting a kayaking program and Dan Halloran showed up in work clothes and helped clean the beach. Kim and another pol showed up in their suits and did nothing. I am a registered Democrat but if I lived inhis dostrict I would vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Halloran looks beat. With Bloomie, Liu, and DeBlasio on top of the ticket Reps will not go out and vote at all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ackerman...
You got some 'splainin' to do!

Chris said...

i dont plan on anyone i voting for to win,but you still have to go out and do it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ackerman...
You got some 'splainin' to do!

Sure does!

italian girl said...

I found that Tea Party video a little disturbing. He's starting to scare me again.

Anonymous said...

Why? Don't like your rights?

Queens Crapper said...

Here's what they left out of the piece:

“This is not only untrue, but it is also very offensive,” said Michael Sais, chief of staff for state Assemblyman Michael Gianaris (D-Astoria).

Sais, who claimed he was holding the rally as a concerned neighborhood activist, said he and members of the Jewish community were also alarmed by reports that white supremacists groups have been associated with Halloran’s religion.

So we have the staffer of one tweeder sticking up for another.

How sweet...

italian girl said...

I love my rights. But what does the "Public Option" or discussing the Constitution have to do with him as a Councilmember? Sounds like he's preaching and for a higher office. What he need to do is protect District 19 from crooked developers and not worry about what the Supreme Court or the Obama administration is doing. One of the people there had a sign "When Liberals Lie, Our Country Dies". I was very offended. Enough already!

Oh and Halloran, if you're elected PLEASE let's get rid of foreign language signage once and for all. ENGLISH ONLY!!!! If they don't like it, TOO BAD.

Queens Crapper said...

Who said it had to do with him as a council member?

He was asked to talk about the Constitution, not the city charter.

Alan Gross said...

Italian Girl-
Dan was only allowed to speak as a citizen and not as a candidate which is why he very eloquently spoke about his concerns regarding OUR Constitutional rights and the limitations being imposed upon us. If you want to see candidates Halloran and Kim speak about a local issue, then please check out this video I just posted on YouTube:

Halloran's remarks begin at 5:10 and then Kim speaks.

Anonymous said...

Reps will not go out and vote at all.

Please don't speak for Reps. this Rep is makign a point to vote for Thompson and I know quite a few who will do so as well.

italian girl said...

Alan Gross said..
"Dan was only allowed to speak as a citizen and not as a candidate.."

Sorry, I didn't realize that. It just seemed like a government-bashing, liberal-bashing event at my favorite park. Me no likey.

Halloran still has my vote though. Kim scares that crap out of me more than Halloran or any Republican ever could. Halloran needs to worry about all the clueless people voting down the Thompson party line in addition to all the Asians that will be dragged by the busloads to the polls. Don't believe I've ever been so nervous about a race. Even last year's presidential election didn't rattle me as much as this one. I wonder what's going to happen..

Anonymous said...

They'll be shitting even more when the IRS gets notice of two groups that supported Kim are in violation of their tax exempt 501C3 status!

Anonymous said...

"George" this has nothing to do with cocks.

Kim's bots are just a bunch of little pricks who'll be looking for new jobs come Tuesday night!!

Taxpayer said...

Italian Girl,

You love your rights, but don't understand why Halloran would stoop to discuss the constitution.

When was the last moment that anyone (except Avella) in the City Council, considered the Constitution (US or NY State) as a factor in representing you?

Would we even be seeing the Commissar on the ballot if the council members understood your right to vote and their obligation to obey the sovereign people's voice?

You better pray that Halloran is elected and continues his understanding of his limitations under the Constitution.

The Commissar certainly brushes the Constitution aside whenever it bothers his personal ambitions.

So, otherwise very nice lady, dump the Commissar and support Halloran.

And, his religious beliefs have nothing to do with anything.

If they do, then someday, when you attempt to vote or get a service from the city, or want to fight a traffic ticket, you just might be denied that right because of race, religion or national origin. (You do proudly announce your national origin, do you not?)

But, it will be far too late by the time it makes sense to you.

You will be under control.

Anonymous said...

It all gets down to voting for the one who we can trust most to protect our nabes in the 19th district.

It ain't Kim...a Johnny come lately carpetbagger...real estate lawyer with apparently at least 3 different addresses:

Bay Club,Bayside; Colden Street, Flushing and 40th Street, Manhattan!

italian girl said...

"So, otherwise very nice lady, dump the Commissar and support Halloran."

I am!!

"And, his religious beliefs have nothing to do with anything."

I know!!!

"You will be under control."

No way! No one can control me. Impossible.

Anonymous said...

Get out eaqrly and vote!


Or he'll dump our neighborhoods!

Over-vote if you don't want your block to be over developed!

Kim's in bed with the builders!

Anonymous said...

As usual, the resident atheist ocmmenter launches into a gratuitous attack. But why pay attention to a walking, talking object without a soul?

Halloran is all about ocmmunity issues. If it wasn't for The Trib, most of us wouldn't even know about his adopted religion.

Anonymous said...

His apostasy, you mean?