Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An interesting read

Apparently this was found posted on an abandoned newsstand on the Maspeth-Middle Village-Ridgewood border.


Taxpayer said...

To dump the Commissar, you must vote for Thompson.

It will take quite a while for him to become a Commissar, and, anyway, you can vote Thompson in now and dump him in four years is someone better comes along.

But we MUST dump the Commissar. Today is the day to do that.

Dump the Commissar!

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer, I'm on my way out to dump that twirp.

We should all have a dump Bloombucks party.

Anonymous said...

He's not going to get the walk in the park he thought his money purchased. At best it will be a tight race and he may possibly lose.

I was sure that no one would show and that Bloomberg would win in a walk, but voters were coming out of the cracks to vote and in my ED in Astoria most were for Thompson. Let's see if we are representative.