Monday, November 16, 2009

Home Depot not coming to Rego Park

From the Daily News:

The long-awaited expansion of the Rego Center is expected to open as early as February, but it might take some more time for it to fill up with retailers.

Costco and T.J. Maxx are the latest stores to sign on with the expanded mall. But the only other tenants currently booked for the massive red building off Junction Blvd. and the Long Island Expressway are two department stores - Century 21 and Kohl's - along with a Subway sandwich shop, an official from mall developer Vornado Realty Trust said last week.

While those stores fill the cellar and upper floors of the mall, the first floor is virtually empty except for the Subway shop.

Costco will replace the Home Depot that was originally planned for that spot. Several months ago, Home Depot officials decided to pull out of the mall.


Anonymous said...

Costco is a good solution. Home Depot was a stupid idea to be in this mall.

Ultimately - we laost big time when Walmart was rejected from this property. That was all political bluster and unions - our loss we pay more to shop the crappy dollars store around us or drive out to the island to Walmart.

chris said...

thats gonna be a parking lot over there.

Anonymous said...

While Costco is not WalMart, it's still better than Home Depot. I guess we should be happy, but we would be happier if it was WalMart.

Anonymous said...

What a f-ing nightmare this overdeveloped piece of crap will become. That intersection is one of THE WORST.

H said... many crappy clothing stores do we need in that area?
Sears and Marshalls are across the street and 3 blocks away we have Macys and JC Penny. Now add Century 21, Kohls and T.J. Maxx to the list. With Target only a few blocks further down Queens Boulevard.

Costco in my opinion is not a good idea. Most of the residences in the area are apartments, and apartment dwellers do not have the space to stock up on items in bulk from Costco.

At least The Home Depot would have provided some variety as a compliment to Sears.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is just what we need in Queens ANOTHER MALL. Take all our hospital's away and give us more place's to shop. GOD HELP US IF WE GET HIT WITH SOMETHING BIG.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't someone open up a real super market! I live off Queens Blvd on Broadway and to find a store with a variety of products I have to take a bus to Stop n Shop or C-Town. Very inconvenient if you don't own a car.
This is NY why should I have to travel to buy food I want. As a native New Yorker I'm annoyed this neighborhood has changed for the worse.

Sergey Kadinsky said...

I have written that this section of Queens is becoming over-saturated with malls. What is this, New jersey?

Family of said...

The area is becoming the biggest urban nightmare. Human congestion beyond any imagination. How did they get permission to build a suburb type of mall complex in an already overbuild area of apartment complexes. The traffic and pollution has reached Asian level, not seen in US before. This is already happening in an area where mall stores are canibalizing each other already. Also, the traffic has become unbearable, with roads that were planned for much smaller population they are getting clogged everywhere. I wonder, who is getting paid for this atrocious project to be permitted in this area ? Please post names of the people responsible for this "creation". I will not vote for any politician even remotely responsible for this disaster !