Tuesday, November 3, 2009

High Line design is a liability for taxpayers

Costly 'trips' on High Line

Money had better grow on trees in the High Line Park, because the city's newest greenway is also its latest liability.

Less than five months old, the elevated promenade has become a major stumbling block. Pedestrians are tripping over raised concrete slabs meant to resemble train rails, and one has even filed a $2 million claim against the city.

Paula Shapiro, 66, said she broke her left ankle during an evening stroll along the path on June 21, two weeks after it opened, according to court papers.

The Gramercy Park resident was 246 feet north of the park's Gansevoort Street entrance when she tripped near a median of trees and flowers surrounded by "raised, uneven, depressed decorative concrete," her claim states.

And while Shapiro is the first pedestrian-turned-plaintiff at the $172 million park, she is not the first to fall, her lawyer said.

"She was told there had been accidents before," Jeffrey Pomerantz told The Post.

From Forgotten-NY:

to prevent baby carriages from entering the green areas (bikes have been proscribed on the High Line) metal lips have been placed at the edges of the park paths, to divide them from the plantings. Unfortunately, I nearly lost my footing a couple of times on these.

Hey folks, the good news is we'll get to pay a lot more in liability soon since the city is moving to acquire the rest of it!


Anonymous said...

Post a large sign warning of the hazard and then tell pedestrians that they enter at their own risk.

Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

I guess we can't make the city trip-proof, right? Idiots (or scammers) will be tripping and falling in NYC long after we are all gone. Put up a sign. Deny their claims.

Taxpayer said...

Hey, hey, hey!

It's in Manhattan. All is forgiven.

Now, a park with just shrubbery and grass and some benches in Maspeth? Fuck you! You grubby blue collar workers.

When was the last time you people from Maspeth threw a refined cocktail party in a museum (closed off to the rest of the public).


You drink beer and eat hot dogs, you freaks! You dribble beer and mustard onto your slobbery T-shirts or sweat shirts (with actual sweat on them).

Anyway, it's your job to pay all the expenses of the High Line (just don't try to get on it).

The Commissar want to pleasure his people. The rest of you? Get lost!

Go vote. Just try to get rid of me! I dare you, you disgusting little people.

Prove you're a fool and give this Commissar another term. He needs to laugh at you.

Anonymous said...

Post a large sign warning of the hazard and then tell pedestrians that they enter at their own risk.

Agreed, simple, direct and legal.

I propose the city sell the highline frontage but for use as a public space to those building that border it and have profited from the creation of the highline. The city should not buy the remained of the highline that they do not own. Few taxpayers enjoy the park - only those who are near do - A small percentage of usage vs the purchase price value.

The highline is a great idea and vision that benefit only a few, especially those property owner next to it. Charge them much higher taxes for the pleasure of it' use.

panzer65 said...

It should have been made a more useful public space such as a re- activated rail line for passengers.

Timothy said...

It was fine up there before they mucked it all up with 'green' crap. I wonder how much foliage they killed to make this new wonder-park.

Anonymous said...

Wander off the path and trip because you're not careful?

Easy solution - sue somebody else!